Please put the Sageuk Channel back up, it's not a drama you license

It’s a resource channel we tend and at this time, it’s reading that it’s not available/NOT LICENSED.

As one of the two CM, I can’t access it as it’s listed as not available in my region…so I can’t get to the videos or the timelines.




Hi, there is not much reaction from Viki staff at Discussions these days, better write a request, even it is a bit of a hassle, the attention of the staff is there in the past weeks not here.


Deleting a channel for practice is just silly…


It says it’s unavailable in my region, too, which I find it ridiculous!

If my memory serves me correctly, Lacruiser created this channel, and volunteers have put in a lot of time and effort to gather together and share useful and interesting information about Korean history in relation to Korean Sageuk (historical) dramas.

Why on earth would Rakuten Viki restrict this channel from any users?


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Dear there is no one from Viki at the moment to look after discussions how it used to be.
We don’t know, some wise person will say manpower used at help center is more effective.
That and that -camiille- is now in the marketing and -mariliam- left for good. Now the other sunbaes have more workload I guess, there are some new names at the help center but, finally Viki is turning into a place like all the others, it loses this “special thing” it once had.


That’s fine, I read your earlier post. They’ll get the message upon their return.

As for those who left, I’m sure they’re still fans.

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What use is a message that gets ignored?

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So sad, literally the only channel I was following apart from the NSSA :sob:
Bring it back indeed!


Then make an idea post at the HC - we all know that most of the time there is no change either, but all we can do is inform every team that is working on historical channel from segmenter to editor to go there and “push it”.
If this channel is so relevant to you then make it known the only way possible, you can’t get Viki moving, so you must make the (Viki) bees moving in order to set the hive in vibration.

Desperate needs need desperate actions.

Call out the people, historical drama fans, let them know, that this channel is a crucial part for orientation and knowledge subber and editors need access to and last but not least the CM.

P.S. Can you still make channel messages to volunteers and followers? Is that function still working?



Took me whole 30 seconds.



Done :slight_smile:
Hope they get to see this and respond / take action.


Generally, they send a message to the channel managers if there is a change. They should at least explain what’s going on. It’s maybe a mistake…


Not so far for the 3 channels I lost in September, one was being worked on actively and nothing about Sageuk. Granted Mahoula and I would like to do more updates (having been busy obviously in translations and real world) but it was a surprise to see it down. :frowning:

Anyway it’s not happening, as far as I’ve seen for those things taken down in September at least. I know 1 other CM who says she too did not receive any notice.

tired look. Thank you kindly for your interest in keeping this channel, and I hope they restore it to us. :slight_smile:


Guys - you can’t even search for the name today - and not only that, I can’t get into the channel from my profile. :frowning:

I think they may have COMPLETELY DELETED IT. This is a serious loss and if true, I…I’m sorry, I do not know what to say.

The level of deletion looks like the unlicensed dramas they finally deleted off my profile - the name cannot be searched for and the channel no longer actually exists. :frowning:

I am not sure it can be restored either. :frowning: based on past experience…I hope it can be, but it is now so deleted I can’t even get to the channel from my profile. :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((


So this is their answer? :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I get an Oops! Page not found! - message :sob::sob::sob:


You mean the Viki staff, because I was speaking of them.

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In this case Google, Bing, whatever are your friends, that’s how I found it again, but well I knew of the channel, others may not.

Okay, Google and Bing might be a friend, but Viki isn’t, I send you something to your inbox.

Did you get a reply without a comment at stated as solved as well?

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I got a reply, saying that the channel was back to how it used to be.
But when I click on the link to the Sageuk Channel, I still get the error code I mentioned before.

Are you guys able to access it?


Unfortunately, the answer is no. They should have at least kept the channel for the resources available in Community Wall or shifted them to here in Discussions. This silent response is a bit…