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Quick Quiz: If you could choose an oppa, who would you choose? And why?

Iโ€™m between Jang geun Suk (Korean) and Miura Haruma (Japanese). :kissing_closed_eyes:

And you?

Definitely either Lee Sang Yoon or Choi Jin Hyuk.

They are both incredibly talented and incredibly good looking!

with Choi Si Won as a close 3rd!


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I forgot to add the Choi Jin Hyuk! I love his work. :heart_eyes:

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see another trick question. I do like that last guys photo and him, sorry I still donโ€™t know all their names,yet.

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The name of the guys โ€“ Lee Sang Yoon or Choi Jin Hyuk. :smile:

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thanks!! ninafk19

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