Possible to see two languages at the same time?

Learning Chinese, I’ve watched some Chinese films with three subtitle tracks: English, Chinese Pin Yin, and English word-for-word literal translation. It is an amazing way to learn a language. Very efficient.

Now I’m trying to learn Portuguese and would love to be able to watch Avenida Brasil with three tracks like that – or at least English and Portuguese at the same time. Is that available somehow through Viki?

Thanks for all the amazing work y’all are doing here. I hope to get to the level someday where I can help.


Hi Zack!
It was possible in the past but no longer. You could chose two different languages and read it together, but as I mentioned that option for the videos is gone.

Yes, please allow to do something similar to the websites fluentu.com and yabla.com

In the case of Chinese (simplified or traditional) please also allow to see the pinyin (if available)