Possibly? A new idea for Viki?

This has happened to me SO many times before that I’m wondering if Viki could do something about it to save everybody some time.

I have been trying to become a manager for an “Asian TV Show” since last month (I say “Asian TV Show” because I’m a manager to “Spanish TV Shows”). However that hasn’t been possible because every time I want to make a channel it’s already made. Now I do go on Viki first and search for the show but what happens is that it appears under a different name that I didn’t know the drama was listed as. Trust me I do my research first before creating a Channel.

I don’t know if it’s best for Viki to make a separate tab for it or if I should just make a separate discussion for it?

What do you think? Does this happen to you a lot as well?

PS: I hope it doesn’t sound confusing to anyone.

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If you’re talking about on-air shows, sometimes the channel wouldn’t be open for public (but the CM and Viki Staff) until the airing time is near. So that’s why, when you tried to search it, it wouldn’t be appeared.
The easiest way is to look up on those who have been managing the on-air dramas quite often.
If you see they have it already on their ‘Volunteer Projects’ tab (although when you click on it, you have that error message), then you are too late to submit the same drama.
The first person who submit the channel will be the Channel Manager so if there are more than 1 viki users who have the same drama, Viki will give the channel (drama) to the first person who submitted it.
So you need to be quick. :wink:

Only a month? It took me longer to finally have a drama to manage. And right now I have quite a few Kdrama still pending and last weekend I couldn’t even submit channels anymore. I was told they are working on catching up approving or denying channels at the moment.

Ohh btw it’s not the first person who does get the channel anymore. I sometimes submitted a channel and they said I should contact person A. if I wanted to help out but later when the drama channel becomes visible for everyone it’s person B’s channel. First I thought person A. gave the channel to person B. but I don’t think that’s the case. Some people also told me I wasn’t the first submitting my channel but Viki gave it to me anyway. No idea if that’s true.

Really? Because I asked viki staff that time and the staff said first one submitted, first one gets the channel. Oh well, maybe they have other criteria apart from that… who knows.