Pray for me pt2

IF you can get the vaccine and booster. It’s our own choice, and we are so blessed mankind had the means to make a vaccine that can save life. Like the FLU vaccine some have died from it, but MANY more has lived bc they got it. If you don’t to get it, is okay. It’s your choice. It doesn’t make women infertile like some are lying about. I have a nurse who gives me my treatment for my Lupus, and got pregnant months after getting the vaccine and Booster. She had not gotten pregnant (although trying) for 14 years.

The last thing @jeslynl did before she left her post here was that she UNLISTED a thread I had here, where I show some stories of how important it is to get vaccinated. I think that any thread POSTED to try to save lives or help others get important information, should be part of this here at DISCUSSION.
I know so many people that DIED because they refused to get the vaccine. So many regrets, but too late is the regret when you are in your dying bed, and with no choice by that time.
Vaccination is a choice we ALL have, and I hope you are ONE MORE that give yourself a chance to LIVE.

Christian Cabrera, 40, from California, who used to be a social media handle and stage name “China’s best friend,” tested positive for COVID-19 at some point after Christmas.

However, the father of a three-year-old son was “skeptical of the science behind the vaccine and like he thought: He never, never got sick.’’ But according to his brother Jino Cabrera, he was not vaccinated with the coronavirus vaccine because he thought he didn’t need it.

“I can’t breathe again,” Cabrera wrote last Thursday (January 7,2022).

“I really regret not being vaccinated. If I could do it again, I would do it with a heartbeat to save my life.”

Cabrera died on January 14, after succumbing to pneumonia in both lungs caused by the coronavirus. The day after he posted a disappointing Instagram post that he wanted to be vaccinated.

Photo: Christian Cabrera, 40, from California, lay in the ICU with an oxygen mask on his face after being infected with COVID 19 after Christmas.
REST IN PEACE CHRISTIAN CABRERA. praying your death help others to make a choice before is too late.

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Just writing these simple words to let you know I’m still praying for you, and hoping you are okay.


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