Problems with daylimotion

some of you have problems with daylimotion videos because I don´t know why but the segmenting and translating are harder with these videos, do you know how fix them?

I had been having problems too. I send a message to the help center and I’m waiting the response. But while waiting what I did was to switch to flashplayer and its much better not 100% but I’m able to segment without the video skipping. If I get a response, I will let you know.

Yeah, usually switching the video player thing (either html5 or flash) makes is a lot easier to work with. At least with segmenting. Last I used it, the sub editor was still kind of a pain…but bearable.

Yeah thats true in general. YouTube videos are usually fine, but with Dailymotion it’s just difficult. I think I use flash player for DM. I let it load a little before subbing so it’s easier. I rarely use subtitle editor too. I use segment timer most of the time, but the channels I work on usually have YouTube videos.