Problems with videos

I was a QC and since I changed my password, I don’t have access to videos I used to watch before… I need some help !

It the licence is ok, then you need to write to the help center. If you have error messages on your screen, take a print screen and join it to your request. Add as much information as you can, like which episode worked, on what show, and same thing for the shows that did not work properly. It will be faster since they need those infos to look into the problem.
Good luck!

I don’t know how active you are on Viki but the QC status expires after 6 months if you are not active as a subber/segger. You are considered active if you wrote 1000 subs or 300 segs the past 6 months.

In Need Of Romance 2 episode 15 isn’t showing English subs when it should, whats wrong with it?