Product updates on Viki language support!

Hey Vikians!

A couple product updates:

  1. It’s not really a surprise for many of you here, but we announced today that Viki now officially supports Portuguese and Korean localization across our website and all of our mobile apps. That brings our list of officially supported site languages to EIGHT including English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese!

  2. Today we also rolled out a new language selector user interface in the footer. We hope that with this new selector, it helps reduce some of the confusion around what is the difference between the site language and what the content language settings.

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback!

Product Manager for Web and Community @ Viki


As Im reading this I remember when last month all of sudden as I clicked on a disqus comment, can’t remember where, my main viki page was all in chinese, I tried to go back on my browser to English then went to TV Guide and it was again in Chinese, luckily I remembered the language setting right on the bottom and changed it to English, Im still puzzled why this happened when I did not change my language to Chinese… a glitch or a mystery but I panicked!

That happens to me ALL the time. Sometimes it’ll be Japanese, other times it’ll turn into Spanish. Nothing on the rest of the page is in a different language though.
I think it might just be Disqus since they’re a third-party application.

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Actually I do have feedback. My content keeps switching to other languages without my having done anything. First it was Spanish, now Chinese (or is it Japanese?). And I’m a 100% sure I didn’t scroll down to the footer to tamper with the settings.
@sofiya399: I’m sure it’s not disqus either. Because the title and the description of the drama changes, the description of characters in the pictures, the subtitles on the video are also changed to that language, and even the timed comments are all in that language. Disqus has no control over those things.

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if you watch one two many c-dramas… or accidently click something i’ve seen parts of viki go into chinese for me.

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