Purchasing Dramas

Is there anyone here who buys the drama after it’s aired? If so where do you buy yours from? Or if you buy OSTs where do you get those from?


They are reliable (I’ve bought DVD sets from them).

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Thanks a lot.

Sometimes if the DVDbox is affordable and has a good English translation. But most of them are way to expensive or I heard that the translation isn’t that good. I buy more asian movies.
Once I bought a very very cheap bootleg just because I was curious how bad it would be, since some say they are amazing, and OMG it was even more bad then I already thought.

I buy my DVD’s at yesasia so far that has been the cheapest option for me.

I’ve been searching for The Great Doctor in regional code 2 for months and months now. It’s hopeless…

You can read any kind of DVD without having to be bothered by the regional code if you use VLC player, well only if you’re using your computer. :slight_smile:

I watch all my dvds with vlc player. No need to worry about area codes. (I also connect my laptop to the tv via hdmi cable. Almost as good as a dvd player :slight_smile:

VLC works perfectly on PCs and it used to work perfectly on Macs.

I’m using a newer Mac and they installed a firmware lock into the dvd player where you can play a DVD with different regional code 5 times only.

So, for Mac users, the best solution is to buy an external all-region dvd player.

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Good advice. Thanks for that. I had no idea.

That’s what I always planned to do whenever I bought myself a television.