QC and Vikipass


I wonder about something.

Instead of reports, can’t we make someone check contributions before granting the Vikipass of a QC?

That is to say:

  1. before Vikipass, Viki staff checks the contributions. Viki staff members could be helped by some volunteers.
  2. if they need more info on the contributions, Viki asks academies (subbing, segmenting) about the contributions done.
  3. a page with a list of QCs who have just been granted a Vikipass that we could filter by language, similarly to the concept of the page with a lot of names appearing because they’ve just win a badge.

So the Vikipass would be granted only if someone agrees with the quality?

We could have info about new contributors with a Vikipass this way. That’d help for recruitment + less abusers and reports to manage?

For the renewal of Vikipass, why not make the necessary contributions higher so people won’t be tempted by doing 500 false contributions if they see a higher number?

@piranna Hi Pi, do you have any samples as for the 500 “false” contributions, do you mean perhaps just dots (.) like some used to do in past?

I also agree that 1000 subs per 6 months would be an okay number, why, some folks come just in for the 500 in order to keep the pass and then leave, I think it would help teams if they stay longer. This would be the case for German subtitlers as we really have just a small number to keep up with the demands. Perhaps the community of Spanish and Portuguese is much more different as they have such a great number of volunteers, meaning would there be enough projects for everyone to create 1000 in 6 months? Just thinking.

Also as we know Viki’s policy is that everyone can participate and I know it’s somewhat a grey zone when it comes to language skills or quality… also some newbies might take some time to familiarize with rules and styles… so where lies the borderline who can and who cannot… obviously one who does translate needs to have language skills that need to be edited as little as possible and I mean grammar and word knowledge…

About the list, the idea sounds good but if a member isn’t active what then. I liked what Viki used to have in the project finder the perhaps 20 first contributors of the language you contributed, it’s a fraction of help… Viki used to have some sort of a list, but there were mostly volunteers who weren’t active. In our German community we do have a google doc list, where volunteers can add their name and QC status and adding if active or not, it’s a small help, but better than nothing.

  • Yes Viki could do some sort of a list with status, but there are Vikians who translate in multiple languages or just do segging. - This means, that ev. in our profile you’d have to write what languages you can contribute so Viki could extract it…

Perhaps each language community can create such doc and ask members to add their names (Vikiname), the German Community also has a list with projects needing help and it is supposed to be updated regularly, but as this is voluntarily it might not always be perfectly updated…

It’s a good question, so I took a look in the top 15 of this month:

  • 3 Portuguese contributors with respectively 21K, 18K, 17K subtitles for August (no segments included)
    Total = 56 K subtitles / 1000 = 56 renewals of Vikipass for Portuguese

In the top 40 of this month:

  • 3 Spanish contributors have 17K, 14K, 11K subtitles for August (exclusively subtitling in this language).
    Total = 42 K subtitles / 1000 = 42 renewals of Vikipass for Spanish

In 1 month, 3 subbers in each language do what 40/50 subtitlers can do in 6 months to renew their Vikipass, so for 6 months, it could be fine to set it at 1000 contributions?

Can we suggest > 1000 contributions for the Vikipass renewal?

Maybe, we can stick to Viki rules for reports?

  • when we report for inappropriate subtitles, we have 3 options:
    -> bad subtitles
    -> bad subtitles and not allowed to subtitle
    -> not allowed to subtitle, but we understand most of the subs

-> translation programs: we can’t use translation programs and have a commercial use of them on other websites without permission. It’s the law.

So Vikipass only for people who can’t be reported because of inappropriate subtitles.

I think it doesn’t forbid people to participate.
If people have reached 3000 (they participated 3000) and want to be gifted a Vikipass for their contributions and want to continue (for ex moderate), then before gifting the Vikipass and before people reach them for moderation positions, someone checks that everything is all right.

This would be only for popular ones, don’t have enough contributors in X language.

We still need editors or academies, the plan is not to have 0 mistake or to be perfect, no, but to recruit subbers/editors/moderators and at the same time, have more clues to be able to tell between:

  • people who did it for the Vikipass and have done inappropriate subs
  • people who are currently active to have won the vikipass and who can be recruited.

Normally, the Vikipass is a reward for appropriate contributions.

Also, if auto-subs are implemented, why would we need auto-subs from one side and subs copied from other translation programs on the volunteer’s side? What’s the use or the gain for a viewer? Plus, if people begin to copy auto-subs to gain the Vikipass, then… maybe it’s time to change the Vikipass conditions for a QC?

A French contributor did this list already on the forum.
My thoughts are the same:

The problem is that we filled the document months or years ago and it doesn’t get updated today and we don’t know availability of people today.
Can we make it like an automatic page that would be updated without a human intervention?

With the list of the lastest QCs (those who reach 3000 and are gifted with the Vikipass), normally, they won it thanks to their recent contributions, so they are recently active?

Yes, I remember this list! Yes, that’d help!