QC gifts 2019 not received


@helenama73_911 @angelight313_168

Me three! I am also thankful. Very thankful.



We’re sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble receiving the QC newsletters!

To help us look into it, could you please fill out this short questionnaire here (only 4 questions!). We’ll use this to investigate further.


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Me too I happen the same


I wonder if it’ll be digital again


Seems so. I just received a 20$ gift card for charity, debit or zalando.


I did choose a giftcard which I can exchange in multiple (web) shops because I thought that was a better option than Amazon, Zalando or Primark. I still need an extra pair of sneakers, make I use it for that.


Great choice of a QC gift this year! Mine went to Doctors Without Borders, a charity I already sponsor. Thank you, @vikicommunity :blush:


Nice idea with the option of either gift card or charity :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I got myself a 4-piece guasha rose quarz set for 17.15 and then a pair of earrings with the remaining 2.45. Thanks, Viki!


Gave my 20 bucks to Doctors without borders an organization I really admire for all the work they do.


So pretty, great choice @irmar


I love the gifts for this year and bought some flipflops because mine are to demolished lol.
Thank you @vikicommunity :heart::hugs:


And here is me, who doesnt know how i can use my gift card :stuck_out_tongue: i got a token code, which now i dont know what to dο! i mean i dont know how does this work :scream:


You have to click where they tell you to click, to signify your acceptance. Then you will receive another mail, with the link to an organization of prepaid cards.

There, they will ask you for your real name, surname, home address, mobile phone number and e-mail. I don’t know why they would want your physical address, but okay.
When you give all those, they ask you what kind of card do you prefer, Visa or Mastercard? You can choose the one you want. After that you will be taken to a window with all the details of your virtual card: card number, expiration date, CCV2. They don’t tell you the cardholder’s name because they assume you know it, it’s your name, the one you’ve given them.
I chose a Visa, and they said:

This card can be used everywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted, unless otherwise indicated on your card. Card issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.

Then, copy paste all the card information into a text document and save it. When you go to the shop of your liking, pay with these card details.
That’s it!


@Viki Thanks for the gift


Wow, this looks better than last year! Is that a book below?


thanks so much <3


Its like a notebook