QC Gifts Winter 2017


Maybe it’s Asian Large, LOL. If you’ve been to a Chinese shop you will have noticed that their notion of “large” is, ehm… different.


Just thinking of it makes me happy. Wish it could come true. It would be awesome!!!


lol yeah… i am wearing normally M, but from a asian shop i got a pants with the size XXXL <.<
so yeah… but i ama happy that something came in my house =)


I’m happy for you, you got yours Netty !!! :+1: :clap:
Im still waiting for their final feedback what happened to my shipment, hopefully I’ll get it before my moving :frowning:


Is there anyone who has not received a shipment but filled out the google form in November 2017?
I put in a ticket 2 weeks ago… nada yet… :pouting_cat:


hast du camile angeschrieben?


Yup 2 weeks ago, but she was a week away and so I filed a ticket w/Kris and then it went back to Camille…


Let’s dig up the stafflist I made and tag some people, maybe that helps :slight_smile:
@anaheli @jimmy_l @anon20195650 @camiille @anon27228197 @mariliam @kris_o @jo_p66

No idea if any of those staffers can help but I’m sure they can pass the message to the staffer in charge of the QC gift.:grin:


@dudie 17 days ago I emailed Camille as I heard she takes care of the shipping issue. As there was no answer (she was away 1 week) I wrote in support/community bugs&issues. Kristie made a ticket, when Camille came back she wrote me a week ago back that she’ll inquire about the shipment. Then Kristie told her about the ticket which they want to close… I still have no feedback to what happened to the gift. I filled the form on Nov 7, 2017… Im in the US where the shipment likely is coming from… :pouting_cat: on top of that I’m moving soon…:skull:


Clara doesn’t work here anymore, she got an office job at Viki headquarters or something. Remember she sent us a goodbye letter some time ago?


I know but I just tagged some Viki staff thinking they might still peek here while they are not part of the community team.


Hope is the last goddess.


I’m a little late here, but the responses are making me LOL!

All I can say is that my Dad has a new T-shirt. He’s happy that it’s 100% cotton. Hahaha.
I just hope no one in my little town knows what Viki is or he’s bound to have some awkward conversations.


I’m still waiting when the gift arrives? :disappointed: And tracking also stayed on March 20 and has not been updated yet :sleeping: and I do not know why :mask:. Is this the case for everyone?


Where got it stuck? in your own country? If so, try call your local post service and ask what’s wrong. I wouldn’t have waited that long actually, 'cause in my country they send stuff back if you don’t fetch it within 7-10 days


It could have been stolen, too. It happened to me with some stuff I order back in December, and someone in the building took it ,but the UPS didn’t ask for signature (which I find strange/suspicious) Now we have no refund either…:frowning:


oO How is that possible? The UPS guy has to take responsibility for the loss.

Btw. have you asked everyone in the building? sometimes one person takes it but doesn’t tell his family members, so when you ring the bell they tell you, they don’t have it, 'cause they simply didn’t know


it`s have not reach to my country yet, it’s just hung here


um die zeit hab ich mein paket auch bekommen. aber ich hatte nie nen tracking code

(I also got my package around the time. but I never had a tracking code)


It may be closer than you think.
My tracking was “stuck” too. Turns out the tracking number changed at some point. :stuck_out_tongue:
Try calling your local post office in case it’s already there.