Question about a drama of which I forgot the title

while watching"Are you human too?" my mind wandered so I come to my favorite discussion place to ask. was there a drama some time ago, maybe an AI maybe not, took the place of someone and lived his life for awhile?

what I came up with, twins seperated from birth, one was rich, the other eventually became a Detective. somehow, the detective took the place of the Dead? or comatose? person, because of they looked alike. I still was thinking robot though, any suggestions on how I can find this?

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I have never seen that one but was going to suggest you watch EDEN is a real life story that happened back in 1994. Is a 19 year old South Korean girl from Seattle who gets involved with a Caucasian who sells her to a prostitution ring. Is incredible movie and done very well. She won several award and she does a lot of Police dramas now.

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Oh, I recommend The Masked Lover.

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Great thanks for adding this one here!

I don’t have anything to watch so far bc I got angry with Lawless Lawyer, and refuse to keep watching it. Now i’m waiting for undateables episodes that take for ever lol

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There are some twin stories -

twins seperated after birth - Cinderella Man - but no Detective.

twins seperated as children after an accident - Resurrection - one became a Detective … and takes his brothers position, when he dies … ???

These dramas are a bit older though.

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resurrection? hmmm going to have to check that one out. thanks

going to check out ressurection, really sounds what I am looking for, yes thats it and this is another one that has been gone for a long time here, that guy I also noticed he played in Lucifer too.

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I only seen the first episode and never finished watching it. another one to watch! thank you

how about that one that was a clown & became the king? haven’t watched all of that either. wow got some catching up to do! again thank you!!