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As a mod I have to design my own community wall for my specific language.
But I have a question. When I saved my design, I tick “done managing” and want to see it on the community wall of the drama/movie, but I just can see the english version. How can I change the “english” community wall in for example the “german or french” community wall? I know, that I can change my setting language into german and then see the “german” community wall. But is there no other way so I don’t have to keep changing my language in the settings?

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Soo Yun

Manage Channel >>>>> Cover page>>>>>> Cover translation (near top), then select language you want to see.

You can also go to “Account Settings” and select the language you want (instead of “English”). That way you’ll be able to visualize the Community Wall on the channel’s main page and not only inside the editor =)

I really recommend that, because sometimes the editor shows you something and when you “save” and go to the main page it’s different (example: when you put images side by side, sometimes one of them will go to the next line).

@Luzevedo Hmm yeah, thats why I want to see my adaptions like other can see it, like you said because of the pictures that might change :slight_smile: Okay, so I’ll just keep changing it in the settings.

thanks a lot! It was helpful! Have nice holidays and a happy new year in advance!

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You’re welcome =)
Happy holidays!