Question about plus subscription

Signed up after the DF meltdown. So far really enjoying it.

Since it plus membership ran through a roku, I am not quite understanding how Kocowa works. I tried the kocowa app and it does not take my password, I noticed in Roku Viki some shows will say Kocowa on the bottom.


  1. Do I use the Viki Roku app to access Kocowa (is that how it works?)
  2. If so, through the Roku Viki app, is there any way to show just all Kocowa shows. (I’m trying to figure out what plus got me over just a Viki sub)
  3. If the Viki Roku app is what is used to access Kocowa, Am I getting all the same Kocowa shows that I would if I directly subbed to Kocowa.

Thanks experts from a total nubie.

I have no idea but let’s tag some Viki staff for you
@camiille @jimmy_l

I can answer for sure only one of your questions.

  1. You can access the Kocowa content on viki from a PC.

Thank you.

Hi there @markmercer_104,

Welcome to Viki! We’re so glad to have you.

I will respond to your inquiries as requested:

  1. If you live in the Americas regions (North America, South America, etc), you can access our exclusive Kocowa content on any app. Some Kocowa content is only available via a Viki Pass Plus subscription, while other content should be available for free.

  2. We do not have a filter on Roku yet that can show you what content is available via a Plus subscription, but the content you find on Roku is the same you will find on the site. You can visit this link on our Explore page to see the Plus titles you will have available on Roku as well as on web.

  3. As mentioned in response #2, you get the same shows from Kocowa on all our apps and devices, not just Roku. In regards to the content that’s available on Kocowa vs Viki, we get the same content on both.

Hoping this helps answer your questions! Do let us know if you need any assistance at

Viki Support