Question For Channel Managers: What To Do With Ghost Moderators?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I have a couple of moderators on one of my channels, who have not done one bit of work in their language. I’m curious as to how some of you have handled the situation.

I’m going to write to them and tell them that they will be removed from the team. It doesn’t seem fair to me that they are listed on our CW but they haven’t done anything when the whole drama has been subbed and edited in English for months.

I would just remove them and send a message to let them know.

I would rather recruit a new moderator that can actually do stuff instead of having a ghost moderator just to be there for “show”, to be honest.

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When I see some other language mods are not active I send them a message they need to reply to within a week and if they don’t they get removed/replaced. I once removed about half of the mods. Nobody of the mods I removed has ever replied to my PM or PMed me much later to ask why I removed them.

Yes people go on holiday have busy lives and such that’s why I don’t PM them right away when I notice they are inactive but when I do I cannot give them weeks because by that time most likely users who wanted to join their subbing team complained to me they get no response from their language mod.