Question here about viewing

for the past couple of days i have having a problem with both DF and Viki, from buffering and telling me the drama isn’t shown in my area, which that isn’t so cause I have watched 6 episodes of “perfect match” so is there problems with these two at least since yesterday. it isn’t my stuff cause I did check. So does anyone know of any problems??

the rest not licensed? from 7-20? now that’s a bummer and this is from last year!! yeah a bit upset here… so whats the problem, am I too impatient or what?

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@marygrether1_gmail_c what is the problem on Viki, buffering and/or not showing??
What browser are you using to watch Viki videos?

hmmm, didn’t think about that. I am doing them through google chrome, so if I change to firefox it might be different? I will try that then. thanks viki says the drama isnt shown in my area, but I just finished watching an episode, as for df its buffering. and if I recall this question was asked a year or so ago. weather? maybe, my equipment, well I unplugged and plugged back up, too many cookies, nope. I didn’t have a problem till maybe Tuesday. and yesterday. I stayed off till about late last night. I finally watched one more episode of the drama I was watching here then the next one did the same thing. also for DF, the buffering that is. been getting a lot of rain here past week or so, so I am still wondering if that may be the factor,

this is fire fox, and the prompt still comes up on perfect matched. and medelist lawyers heirs( which thats a license thing ,I think) oh well I will just ewait & see, maybe better tomorrow

its been a couple ofd days since I have been on either linki, and guess what, they both are playing just fine…

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