Question on Stage of Youth Subs

So excited to find Han Geng’s Stage of Youth on Viki. It comes up as “hard subbed” in English, but I can’t get them to show. I have never had this problem with any of the videos on Viki before. Am I doing something wrong?

One explanation could be that it once was a fan-channel and that in those days it was up-loaded with hardsubs and the main page hasn’t been changed ever since.
However the channel doesn’t appear as a fan channel to me now, that means the videos could now be up-loaded by Viki and Viki never gives out videos with hardsubs.
There seems to be some segmenting going on, you can try to contact the channel manager and ask for further details .

lutra’s explanation was spot-on.

It’s an old channel, so the info is almost certainly outdated.

You will have to wait awhile to watch the show with subtitles. Since the hardsubbed videos that used to be on the channel were probably not produced by the Viki community, the team will probably have to re-sub the whole thing.

Thanks to you all. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what “hard subbed” meant. I watched the whole thing anyway, it was pretty easy to follow the storyline…but I’m sure I would have enjoyed it more if certain parts were subbed.

I see. Well, you can always watch it again after someone gets to subbing it.

By the way, subtitles are referred to as hardcoded or hardsubbed if they’re encoded into a video. So like the subtitles are part of the video itself. Most streaming sites instead use softsubs, which means the subs aren’t actually in the video itself. Rather, there’s a second file with the subtitle info that gets played at the same time as the video. If that makes sense.

Ahh…got it. Thanks for the info.