R.i.p. fan channels

Just a quick bump, so it doesn’t get buried by other posts. :wink:

I do wonder though if the deletion will happen all at once or little by little. It said summer but that could be June or August. Hmm…

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the channels, and all videos will be completely deleted. I guess they don’t want us to even ask for licenses for them - pretty much not willing to buy them so they will take them down entirely?? :frowning:

Sad to think all the work is doing and the option for future viewers to SEE these dramas - because out of sight, out of mind, and out of luck appears to be how this will end on all of them. :frowning:

Zhen Huan, Prince of Lan Ling? there’s a list of channels - Go Princess Go - Novoland - Battle of Changsha - sigh. The Myth? I could go on quite some time. The Fan Videos have hosted SO MANY great dramas that I still watch from time to time…some of my favorite dramas overall are from 2008…2009? if they are building a Hu Ge Collection, why not license The Myth?

One of the Jin Yongs is also going, Romance of the Condor Heroes. Yet they bought another Jin Yong…and we have 2 others already?

I guess I just have no clue what gets a license and what does not. I still hope before Great Deletion 2, the Final Chapter, a few more dramas get a pardon from the viki overlords.

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut
And now, back to watching one before it goes. :frowning:


I was hoping that too bc some of them were really good dramas with wonderful work of segmenting, subtitling etc done in them. The dramas were not only worth watching but were perfectly done.

I guess quality work here doesn’t mean a thing at this site and variety counts no more either bc the one’s mainly deleted are Chinese dramas. Can’t figure that out either.


bumping this again.

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that’s totally unclear. A date would help everyone at least understand - both fans and volunteers. at least about when it’s happening. avoid 20 panicked posts or um…more tickets for the help desk?

The reason they’re mostly Chinese dramas that are Fan Channels is because material from China is not taken down from the internet as readily as that of other regions, such as Korea and Japan, so Fan Channels for Cdrama were able to be created and last longer. The links aren’t deleted for copyright infringement as commonly.


Well, and the growing interest in Chinese Dramas too! So with more interest, more channels were generated, more videos loaded and subbed! :slight_smile:

That’s why the loss is so big to the Chinese dramas. :frowning: and why it’s a shame we can’t save the top 100 even. sigh.

(this topic still makes me so want to sit and cry. I’m watching one of my soon to be deleted friends now…)

I guess one more question I have is will they all be blasted out of existence at the same time - like Great Deletion 1, 12/22/16? or…will this be a few a day, or something as they progressively download subs as requested or ?

Will they post a LIST for fans and volunteers - at least a week ahead of Doomsday…for either Great Deletion 2, as a whole - or as they intend to take them down? Sending to CM’s won’t be entirely helpful there, with some being dormant or busy in RL…posting it somewhere - maybe bottom of the page - LEAVING and the DATE?

All just suggestions to the viki overlords.

Heavy of heart, and slow of hand
I take my hand to salute the few,
the valiant few who strove to bring
dramas that sometimes danced,
OST’s that mostly sang
of far-away lands, of cheer and love,
military feats, or girl meets boy, romanced.

They chose to fight where few succeed
for the overlords who did not feel the need
of a license, thus to secure their work.
Through darkening shadows, they chose still to exercise
their will to sub, to seg, to edit
Though enfranchised not, they do not regret it.

Watch them now, or forever, hold your peace,
so many videos, new or years after release
that happen to be on these channels not selected.

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That made me feel sad for all the hard work that’s being deleted. :cry:

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Is anyone keeping track of any already deleted channels? Just curious. :slight_smile:

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Well, I just was curious too, about the Turkish dramas and as it is you can no longer find “Turkey” under the explore option …

While looking for the channels still works, but since I can’t play any video of fan channels as it seems, why should I look for it any longer. Years ago, when the deletion of channels. I started to look very carful for licensed channels, at least there your work is safer for longer, but as well not for eternity …

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I’m sad to see the Colombians gone, too. Colombia produces some interesting series, not your typical telenovela.

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I can’t see any of the Fan Channels there’s a black screen or some have a 0:0 count on the video and won’t play for me but I will check again to see if it was a temporary thing.

some are working okay - I’ve been over watching Go Princess Go.

try a different browser?


OK thanks for letting me know I need to see at least the ending of a few before they delete them forever.

I will go check right now. I was doing some subs in a Japanese documentary.

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True -

Which brings up another topic really - but one that should be mentioned.

I was over looking at one of the first K dramas I ever watched and a truly great one, “Jumong”.

It’s 81 episodes. It’s licensed. But …the license seems to be in question, and so there’s a note there saying that unless they stop fearing the license will go, nobody wants to put in 81 episodes of HARD WORK to get it ready for Other Languages…Just to have it removed!

I really do see their point, but perhaps the viki overlords should step in and yes, license that and keep it. Likely not the most expensive license, but a truly great drama - let that Team know they are NOT going to do this to have it wiped out in a month or two - and then possibly give what is one REALLY AWESOME drama to the rest of the world. :slight_smile:

I have seen it several times…and yeah, it’s that good. :slight_smile:

So the licensed provinces are not safe either. The thought did cross my mind at Condor…that ALL that hard work could be erased overnight, that licenses are not forever…and all the detail…

Completing any drama puts you in definite empathy with those in the chair of having a fan channel being wiped out. :frowning:

Communication on something like Jumong would clearly help - if they would give them a license that’s good for several years and CLEARLY tell the Team, they would get Other Languages that project. I’d help, most certainly!

The point about licensed channels not ensuring the work of the volunteers is a good one, and sadly true.


They will not tell you, I once was a mod at a channel and started as one subber with some trying, but since both main characters were chatting a lot, every episode had more than 1000 subs, almost like a movie with less talking. Anyway I had a lot of technical issues and therefor had to stop for some months, when finally I could “technically” sub again, there was some talk of the license ending.

So I did not work on it further but requested to know, they said license is still in the work …

Months later when the channel should have had disappeared, it was still there, but I didn’t get to here from viki till this day about the license. As I mentioned before I am pretty much a slow subber, I can sub faster, if I have the time but that is not always possible. Why I didn’t continue subbing? They said license may end in 3 months I would have needed at least 7 months to translate, so it wouldn’t have worked out that way.

Yes, communicating the license end to the contributors would be a nice thing, you could calculate, if you can do a project alone, or how many pair of hands it would need … :wink:


Well…and it really was not motivating to complete that work either, right?

I’m picturing the situation with 81 eps of Jumong - yeah I see their point, and it’s been a year later - the drama IS thankfully still with us…but…? still English only because of well, no knowing about the license and yeah, I’d seriously hesitate too with 81 eps…I mean, I would LOVE to work on that drama to seg and transcribe for other languages to FINALLY get it…BUT…other languages would be crazy to have THEIR 81 eps of work done for such a short lifespan too!

It’s just too bad, seriously. The viki overlords would be wise to get someone finally in charge of logging where ALL the licenses are, and getting renewals up AND TELLING THE TEAMS what’s going on. Clearly Jumong was somehow renewed…or it would be missing. :frowning:

And the benefit is truly theirs, in that if we go to the trouble of all that work, more other languages viewers would then watch a drama that isn’t that expensive for them to maintain AND be happy to see it, it’s a great drama!

I would say there should be a focus on quality where possible - not quantity - and a new, lesser drama would be behind Jumong in my own view - of things I would want to work on, AND things I want to watch (again). (I can say that after doing Condor. :slight_smile: 2008 drama, but one of the top 20 EVER in it’s genre. WELL WORTH THE WORK!).

Anyway - it was a good point and I am sorry about your movie. :frowning:

I think what kills and deters attention to Chinese dramas is how ridiculously long they are. If writers worked something out we would have more viewers watching Chinese dramas and working on them wouldn’t be such a sacrifice.

I have subbed several Chinese dramas into Spanish and I feel some dialogues don’t even serve a purpose in the drama. ""She was Pretty’’ in Chinese version has 40 episodes the korean one 16. I thought they added extra scenes but I didn’t see anything new in the chinese version. I wonder why it felt like the neverending story to sub.

In Spanish we use more words when we do the translation so you can imagine the pain of subbing a Chinese drama (I still do it if I like the drama bc is more bearable).

Thank goodness in modern dramas they don’t use the added brother #1 brother #2…older brother, younger brother ugh! They need to catch up to 21st. century. They have such great special effects and variety in the stories but is not easy subbing this drama and for all this work to just get deleted is so unfair and I don’t even understand why they need to do this now I subbed a Chine drama in Spanish ‘‘Sanctuary’’ great, great war time drama and I no longer see it here. SMH

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I saw Jumong 3x times. CM worked VERY VERY VERY HARD for us to get the subs, but we also want them removed so we can sub as fit… I told the CM about it as @anon27228197 has promised that the hard subs will be removed if ready and then we can edit as needed.

It kinda needs to go through a Mahoula-like process.

They have not responded to our requests…so the project has been shelved indefinitely.

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