Rakuten Viki – List of things that we like so much

I really hope that someone from Rakuten Viki see this post and consider it. I would like to list a few things that I (and others) like or liked in this platform but now is missing or with problems.

  • TV guide page.
  • Coming soon page with ALL TV/movies…
  • The option of follow a channel.

Well, these are some of them, if someone can remember and list more, please do it. Let´s hope that Viki can consider this post and help us.

@brendas @vikicommunity


I don’t know about for anyone else, but for almost a year now, I have been unable to create any new collections. This is one of many features that set Viki apart from others, and the inability to use it is quite frustrating.

Edit: For the record, I did submit a help ticket but never got anything more than “we are aware of the issue and are working on it.”


I like the collection option too.
Did you try to create it recently or in another browse? I tried today and it created.

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Yes, I’ve tried doing it in multiple browsers on desktop and also through the app. I keep testing it every now and then, and it still is not working for me.

Maybe I should add that I can create a collection, and I can even add shows to it directly from the newly created collection, but once I close it, it will disappear and not show up anywhere.


I just created and then erased. I hope Viki can fix it.


If you have perhaps noticed, other folks including me posted as well here in discussions about the erroneous links to TV Guide and Coming Soon links in Viki Bug and Where Is Coming Soon page topic I also tagged the vikicommunity and brendas.

I created a post yesterday a post at the Help Center, today I saw another post regarding TV Guide issue that wasn’t posted when I posted it… perhaps a time lag occurred.

Anyway, Viki staff only works during week, so hopefully someone will read it today and we’ll see… I’m not sure what is happening, they aren’t responding so far, so it’s strange I think.

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On my iphone the link isn’t working as well… I do not think it’s a browser issue, I suspect it’s Viki that is doing something…

You can add to the list:

  • search by year
  • watch history (which you could delete if you liked)
  • remember where you left off in a video
  • individual comment pages for each episode

Yes, I saw the posts. I did this trying to reinforce them and to get the attention from the staff for the many things that we are missing. Again, why invest time in redesign the profile page instead update or give back other things that are more important and useful to us.


I could create a new one today, I did on the channel page and again in my profile. Please try it again.

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Thank you for the heads up. I did try it, and it was a success! :tada:

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I filed a ticket and this it now a 3rd response, a chance that there might be some adjustments :pray:

  • We apologize for any inconvenience you’ve experienced, and we appreciate your detailed feedback.
  • It appears that some channels may not have the Follow feature available due to various reasons, such as the absence of a manager.
  • Regarding to the Coming Soon link, we understand that the recent modifications to the Coming Soon link have limited the number of shows displayed, making it difficult to access the Follow or Unfollow options and receive notifications as before. Rest assured, we’re actively reviewing this feedback and exploring solutions to enhance the user experience on the Coming Soon page.
  • Additionally, we acknowledge the issue with the Follow option not being selectable on certain pages, and we are working to address this issue promptly.
  • Your feedback is invaluable to us as we strive to improve the Viki platform.
  • If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help!

Tks for sharing it. That’s good news, let’s wait.
I was enable to follow some channels (the channel with episode page and movies), even in the coming soon page. The icon was enable to click.

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Yes, you can Follow some channels that have the Bell :bell: icon. If not you can select Watchlist and click on the + sign. But often Coming Soon channel doesn’t show these icons.

I just hope, the Follow button on the old Coming Soon link will be activated by Viki, it’s much easier to do it there…


I recently found out, why that wasn’t working for my. My browser automatically blocks trackers, I had to enable that function for Viki so that it could track my progress. After I realized that it was so obvious, I wonder why I didn’t think about that before…