Reality Show about Korean Study Culture

I’ve recently discovered this show called 공부가 머니? (What is Study?) but unfortunately there are no English subtitles available for this program. I’ve only come across the raw episodes. The translated synopsis is below:

Do you want some tips for your children’s education? This program is just for you. The show observes the daily lives of various celebrity families, especially those related to children’s education. The celebs are Lim Ho, who raises three children; Lee Bong-ju, whose son wants to enroll a prestigious university; and Eugene, who wants two young daughters to learn foreign languages. A group of experts, including the top professional admissions consultant, child psychologist, and an expert on education for the gifted, will propose customized education strategies and tactics based on the children’s tendencies and future goals.
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This program doesn’t seem to be on VIKI either. Are there any ENG to KOR subbers or sub teams that would be interested in translating this program or some of it’s clips? I’m very eager to watch this show and learn more about Korean study culture but I don’t know who to get in contact with about creating subtitles. Any help is appreciated, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

You can request the show with this form:

If enough people request it, then maybe it’ll get on Viki and then our teams can translate it.

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