Really Viki?

What’s the purpose of “Created” section? Why is some white girl (Margarita) telling Asians how to live our culture for Asian Heritage month?

I don’t get Viki’s logic. So you rather waste your time and effort on these no-name “vloggers” and no longer allow fan channels than on licenses for Kdramas?
What happened to Viki? Why is it going down into a s**t hole?


I fully agree that the section is a waste of time and effort (and possibly money?).
Nevertheless, this has nothing to do with fan channels and licenses.
I would rather say
"Instead of this, make the site ,more user-friendly and more volunteer-friendly by implementing easy little tweaks we all have repeatedly asked for.


This Clips and Created trend on VIki is a mystery to us all.


I just don’t get this created and VikiID either. Everytime i think i get it, I don’t. And Viki isn’t very clear about it either. Ok it’s to celebrate Asian heritage but I only know that because that is what Viki says not because it’s clear when you look at the project. Same as the whole trendsetter thing, I don,t get that either. Nothing against those Youtubers who are part of these projects but if I want to watch their videos, I watch it on Youtube not on Viki.


Dito, and I rarely watch such videos …
I just hope it’s not some strategy, to go from DIY to order channel via rakuten shop. I just don’t hope it.

Eventhough I feel as if the amount of added videos will one day break the volunteer’s neck.
I mean when viki was at the early stages, somehow the amount of shows at least seemed likely to be manageable for ko-eng subbers. And that was the start, now they just drop channels, clips, variety and now created???
I can’t even imagine the light at the end of the tunnel, in which direction does viki want to go?
Or totally going against yt?


Totally agree. And i feel like Viki become a “skyrock blog/vlog” for teenagers beurk


I don’t even want to talk about it. I was so confused when I heard the news.

I really don’t understand what Viki is doing.


Amen to all the prior commenters

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I just had to go there:

By registering for or using the Viki Services, either through Viki or via Facebook, Inc (“Facebook”), you confirm that you are 18 years of age or more, that any information you submit to Viki is true, accurate and complete, and that you agree to the terms and conditions of these Terms, our Privacy Policy and our Intellectual Property Policy.

Terms of use …

And I am asking myself, is viki actually doing this point justice, for a circle of customers plus 18.

I can’t tell … When I was 18, there was no internet, no cell phone, let’s not talk about smart phones, …
When we would look for recipes, fashion and so on it would have been a magazine to look for. So I don’t know if the new added feature even meets the desire of the young adults of today.

viki did a survey some months ago, and they asked about created content, however I thought they ment short dramas like Dramaworld, but I guess they ment a totally different road. Anyway I know, that I did go for the “original” Asian content but well, let’s see where this will lead to.