Reccs: Superiors With Genuinely Nice Characters

Funny how I got sick of school dramas after watching three of them but happily swallow any number of office dramas thrown my way :joy:

So I made this collection because I wanted to collect dramas with genuinely nice superiors, since they’re pretty hard to come by.

Any more recommendations?

  • They can be tsunderes but they shouldn’t misuse their authority for personal reasons, whether they have trauma or not.
  • They have to treat all their subordinates the same, not just the FL after they fall in love
  • It doesn’t have to be an office drama

Send 'em in! :joy:

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You didn’t add

or did you?
I would love to have a boss like Brian.

Oh, and even with her temper, she is a good boss because she will make you grow.

That’s it for the moment.

P.S. Dr. Romantic has a 2nd season.

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