Recommendations for asian dramas/movies

I need recommendations for light asian dramas/movies!
Okay, I want to watch something where male lead falls for female lead first and there are episodes of him falling for her deeper and completely falls for her before she does.
Like He completely falls for her but she doesn’t fall for him and takes time.

Oh, and Female lead who has strong character who is not annoying or cliche rather is likable and is strong who speaks her mind and don’t Let anyone push her around! :slight_smile:

P:S Sorry for being too specific, I have watched dramas/movies like this so I need to watch more ^^’’

Here are some:
The greatest love
Boys over flower/all versions
something about 1 percent
Marriage not dating
From 5 to 9
Sekai ichi muzakashii koi
high end crush
Flower boy ramen shop
boku unmei no hito desu
Zenaki girl
A girl and three sweethearts
Pin to kona

Thank you :slight_smile:

I like well-intended love and if i can love you so, but maybe if i can love you so is not light since it has a tragic story.

This thread has many suggestions with strong females:

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Maybe something like this …
(Some dramas might have regional restriction)

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Thank you guys for recommending! :smiley:
If anyone know more dramas like I described! Please let me know :slight_smile: