Recommended resources/tools/websites to get started

What are some videos, online classes, mobile apps, websites, etc. that you’ve come across that were really helpful in learning a new language? Let everyone know!

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For learning Korean on my own I really like
The main features like grammar explanations with podcasts are for free, but you can order additional workbooks, if you like.


I try to learn Korean on my own as well and in my opinion this [old homepage] / [new hompage]
is another great website for it.
Uhm… and you can learn other Asian languages (for example Chinese) there, too :blush:


If you are interested in learning a European language I can suggest these app: Duolingo and Busuu (not completely free). Busuu is not only for european languages.

Let’s copy paste some of my list here from my other topic to learn Korean and post it here

For Korean:
Naver online dictionary
Daum online dictionary
Korean Wiki Project
Talk To Me In Korean
Korean Class 101
Let’s learn Korean by KBS World
Pit-A-Pat Korean 1 by KBS World
Pit-A-Pat Korean 2 by KBS World
Go! Billy Korean
Learn Korean Language
TOPIK Guide (has learning lists, previous TOPIK tests you can practice with etc)
Sogang University Korean Program

For Japanese I used The Japanese Page

An other handy site is Memrise that’s a site with online lessons in various subjects and also has many languages. Right now I’m using it for Korean, and I also am trying some Spanish and German there for fun :smile:

I hope this helped :blush:


An American girl who was an exchange student in Korea, recommended these sites and book on her Youtube channel:

sweetandtasty (on Youtube)

“Handbook of Korean Vocabulary” by Miho Choo and William O’Grady.

I haven’t checked them out myself yet, but I thought it would be good to share :smile:


But which one would you reccomend to a total beginner? I tried Korean Class 101 and I felt lost, like too many informations too soon. Imagine you have to teach a little kid, which one would you choose to start with?

I just tried Memrise and I love it!

If you first want to learn the Hangul then I advice you the learning Hangul lessons of Koreanclass101 or Korean Wiki Project. Koreanclass101 is more fun but the Wiki Project has more in depth info.
If you are like let’s learn Hangul along the way I would go for Talk To Me in Korean, the lessons are not that long simple to follow. Pit-A-Pat is a nice extra while learning, watched a few eps.

Ohh and I’m a beginner too, it doesn’t go that fast as planned but ohh well :slight_smile:

This topic has a ton of helpful resources:


Thanks a lot, I tried Korean Wiki Project and although I have no one to check me when I’m pronouncing I think I’ve learned how to read. Too bad there are no signs to let you know where to put the accent. I tried to write my name in Hangul but I have no idea if it’s correct.
By the way a friend proposed me this, it’s a funny way to remember the letters (though not very accurate)

I recommend Seemile The teachers are so clear to explain. First I saw the classes about Alphabet. I don’t recommend use romanization, I think is an unnecesary step that makes more difficult. Learn directly hangul alphabet. Figting!!


My favorite places to practice writing are Italki and Lang8. At both sites, you can write entries in an online notebook/journal and other users help by correcting them. Italki also has an answers section where questions about any language could be asked, which I’ve relied on often. (There are tutors/teachers at the site too, but I’ve never tried them.)

For Spanish learning, Spanishdict helped me out tons with their lessons, make-your-own flashcards, conjugations, and translator. It has always been my go-to Spanish help site.

I’ve used - for polishing my Russian - these sites:

Also, has anyone tried the Chinese courses from ALISON?


sweetandtasty channel is really cool.
IDK if she is Korea born or Korean-American, cuz she lives in L.A., but she talks about K-pop, Korean culture,
learning Korean. There is so much.

Most people I know of that discover K-pop and are English speakers, subscribe to her channel.

2 other resources are: busyatom and seemile. These are Youtube channels, but there is a, also has Mandarin, so probably there are other languages.

Talk To Me in Korean really helped me too! Especially as a total beginner, I learned a lot by listening to their podcasts for Level 1. I also received a couple of their workbooks and it helps. ^^

I listen to their podcasts, check their webstie regularly as they often post interesting new videos or pictures, and I also have their app. I’d highly recommend TTMIK.


For Japanese, I really like this website:

There are lessons, mini lessons with detailed grammar explanations, and a ton of interesting posts and cute pictures. I really recommend it, although it might not be for complete beginners.

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When I started learning korean I found this channel very useful…unfortunately the teacher didn’t post anything for a while now…

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I can recommend, too
tbh, whenever I tried to teach myself a language just by self-study, it didn’y really work out that well, you need to have a lot of discipline and motivation, so I would recommend taking some kind of classes whenever possible
if anyone is learning Mandarin by any chance, I made a memrise course based on the first volume of the Chinese in Steps textbooks it has the vocab from the book plus extra stuff from my beginner’s class at uni

I don’t know if this already suggested or not. But I know a very good online websites to learn Korean and it has apps on app store. For more detail you could visit:

the second one is the first links facebook fanpage which provide many words a day.

I hope this may come in handy. :smiley: