Recruiting kor-eng subbers, moderators and subtitlers any language!

i’m looking for kor-eng subtitlers, (any) language moderators and subtitlers for the Beenzino music channel!

i can do eng to indonesian :slight_smile:

I can help you moderating English to Spanish if you want let me know.

I can do English to Dutch, just let me know.

I can subtitle English to Spanish.! if you want…I’m here.!

I can do english to indonesian and vice versa. also simple chinese to english :smiley:

available for english-indonesia too

i can do English to Vietnamese

thank you to everyone who want to join the team!

the problem is, at least for interviews, we’d need a korean-english subtitler!

and can anyone of you also segment?

thanks anyway! gonna add you all to the team!

Hey I can segment and translate from english to french :slight_smile: Let me know if you want my help !

i can be a part time segmenter… cuz theres a lot of indonesian subbers here :slight_smile:

I Can do English to Frensh , let me know if you want For any help

We are recruiting English to Spanish translators for Beenzino if you are interested reply here or send us a PM.

hi, if you want I can help you sub English to Spanish, only let me know :slight_smile: thanx

Thank you, I’l send you a PM.

we are still looking for korean-english subtitler!
please send me a message if you’re interested!

I can do English to Spanish :slight_smile:


My korean is not good enough yet, Im sorry!
But I can help perfectly with english-german subbing.

just a little update:

still looking for people who want to help!

especially beenzino’s new music video for how do i look is available to be translated into ANY language! so please send me a message and i will add you to the team and you can immediately start translating!