Regarding QC Gift

This is my 1st posting,

Don’t know where to ask this Quetion, so I hope it is okay to post it here.

I already fill in the form before dateline (20th October 2013), after I opened my message in viki account, but stupid me… today I accidentally fill it again (and today is already 21th October 2013 in my country) when I opened my email, because I think I didnt sent it yet… after I clicked the submit button… I realized… I already fill in the form before! So… help me?

Is it affecting my previous form? Because I so want the 2013 QC gift…


You can ask directly the viki staff, nobody here can help you with a certain asnwer. Go to the help center and ask viki. But they reminded twice to fill the form, so if you did it before, it’s ok, done already.

It probably should be fine. If both times submitted, I would think the second one would overwrite the first.

You could probably send a message to Mariko or respond to one of her messages about the QC gifts, and she can probably tell you for sure.