Reply Button for Comments on Viki App

I posted a suggestion on Viki Ideas. The comment section on the Viki App does not have a reply button, so I suggested a reply button. If you can give a helping hand and give it a thumbs up, maybe hopefully we can get a reply button for the comment section. :slightly_smiling_face:


The title says Pass instead of app. Fix it please. + voted :wink:

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Oops Typo. I didn’t even realize that. Thank you for telling me. And thank you for the + vote. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s the most logical thing, I wonder why it wasn’t done before. But I hope they will, now that they’re in the mood for upgrades.


Done! I hope it’s eventually implemented.

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Thank you for your help @irmar and @adrianmorales.


Reply button for comments on the Viki app would be so fab, and could certainly allow for more interactions in the comments. I up-voted, although it took several tries for my vote to activate :persevere:

One or two reasons as to why the app reply button hasn’t appeared before now have occurred to me. The main one pertains to those many of us refer to as sub-whiners. Just imagine the frenzied clicks and snarky replies flying around when the sub-whiners appear, it might break Viki lol.

Seriously, though, I’m mainly watching via iPad and would love to have the ability to reply/converse in the comments, and perhaps more than anything, a chance to say “Thanks” to all the amazing Viki-ites who post the upcoming drama info, teasers, posters etc. in the comment sections, so incredibly great!

Thanks for spearheading this fantastic suggestion, @esther3_940


Thank you @sheishun for your help :slightly_smiling_face: . Haha yes with the reply button there would be many replies back.

Before, one couldn’t even see the replies on the Viki App, which created miscommunication. Last year I posted about this on Viki Ideas, that they should allow replies to be seen on the Vik app. Here it is:

Eventually they made replies to be able to be seen on the Viki app, but without a reply button. :sob: . So I am hoping that Viki will further upgrade the comment section. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: It would be awesome to have a reply button for the great reasons like you have listed.

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Just in case any one missed this. I am trying to get a reply button for the comment section in the Viki App. I posted this on Viki Ideas. So if you have spare time if you can give it a thumbs up and then hopefully Viki will listen and get us a reply button. :slightly_smiling_face:

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