Reporting user for inappropriate subs is only possible once?

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I found a user around an hour ago whose subs only consisted of punctuations… The user has around 20,4k subs - all of them consisting of punctuations.
After reporting for inappropriate subbing of a part of one episode I wanted to report for the other episodes as well but I was simply notified: “You have already reported this user”.

Why am I not allowed to report the user again? It’s not even possible to report for multiple episodes at the same time…
Is it because the staff checks all the user’s contributions anyway? Or might it be that the “penalty” is the same no matter the amount of inappropriate subs?


Why report the same user twice? Because you forgot adding more examples? If they go look into his contributions they will surely check more than one episode and they will see what’s happening.
Of course you can report for multiple episodes. There is the “Other” field on the bottom, where you can give any number of links etc.

If you don’t report from the flag in his profile page but you make a Help request, then you can also include screenshots, and write follow-up messages with additional info that has cropped up.
See the screenshot of my report in help center. I included a screenshot. And, even if the case has been closed, you can still write a follow-up. In your case it won’t be closed yet, so you can post additional info. But this is ONLY if you did it through the help center, not through the flag on the user’s profile page. That form is not versatile at all.

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That happened to me also several times bc the ‘‘abuser’’ after I reported her/him, came back and did some more fake subs like: ‘‘Door slammed hard’’ or one music note etc…

I don’t understand why can’t we report a person more than once, as long as they continue doing stuff like that. They are using that as an excuse to let the problem slide…?.

They really need to stop this kind of behavior and should appoint one staff member to address this issues and eliminate from viki this type of abusers.


I would be expecting them to look at the user’s contributions but I don’t know about their specific way of dealing with this which is why I was asking.
Had I known beforehand I could only report the user once, I would have written something in the “Other”… I probably mistook it as one you should only write in if you had chosen “other” for the reason to report for inappropriate subbing.

Thanks for the information about the help center, I didn’t know about that possibility.


@kuromidesu, can you PM me the abuser, so I report him as well? That will probably speed up the process of eliminating his/her account.


Help Center? In my opinion wasted time. They will respond that your case is being processed, and give you a number and link. In my opinion that’s as far as it will go.