Request a new channel - How do I get a new Channel? [SOLVED]

Who should I contact to ask for a new channel? I already asked for the request, but I never had an answer.

“After submitting the information, your new Channel will be visible only to Viki staff and will be reviewed. The review process takes about 3-4 days, after which you’ll receive a notification letting you know if your Channel is approved and live, or if it has been denied.”

It’s been over a week… There was no answer. I don’t know if it was approved or denied.

Should I send a message to someone specific?

Thank you in advance ~

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A week is nothing… I have channels pending for months to a year…

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Oh, really? How about these channels that reproduce the current dramas, which are being broadcast at the same time? :disappointed:

I think you won’t be able to request any channel pretty soon as Viki announced new CM system and criteria, read more here:

Also QC’s received a newletter about this change, make sure to read the FAQ in the email.
Perhaps you try a Moderator role to increase your CM chance in future.

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