Request Form Question

In the request form they ask ‘I mostly watch videos on:’ there are 3 options. Do they mean where we usually watch viki videos or just tv shows in general?

Viki videos I presume.
(Otherwise there would also be an option “other streaming websites”, which is not there)

The 3 options:

  • viki
  • android apps
  • something else i forgot

Anyone can shine a light on this?

  1. (so basically the “web version”)
  2. Mobile app (since option 1. is, I assume “mobile app” refers to Viki’s apps)
  3. Other (based on the same assumption, this refers to apps that Viki has(or had :stuck_out_tongue:) for other platforms (xbox, roku, etc.))

Bottom line: This question is probably just for statistic purposes. It doesn’t really matter. It’s not like they are going to licence a new drama JUST for the app and not for the web version of Viki…


Oh, lol, ok then:smile:

Thank you, nik_os, for your reply!