Request Taiwan drama "A Touch of Green"/ "A Good Day"

I was wondering if Viki could possible bring us last year’s Taiwanese mega hit “A Touch of Green”. This drama won 6(!) Golden Bell awards, which is incredible!

Since channels for Taiwanese dramas are only approved when the drama gets licensed, there’s no real way to advertise, so I thought about posting here.
Everyone who is interested in having this drama in Viki, please write here and send a license request, so that Viki will know :slight_smile:
Title request form:

Info about the drama:

Furthermore, I’d also love to see last year’s daily “A Good Day”. If anyone is with me, you know what to do :slight_smile:


Agreed. I’ve been searching everywhere for the series with English Subtitles so I can watch it with my family.

I really want to watch this show as well and have been looking for English subtitle for many years but tbh, it’s pretty hopeless :sob: