[Resolved] Issue with channel subbing teams statistics?

Is there a general issue with channel subbing teams statistics on viki, right now?

No segment or subtitle count.
I tried with different browsers (Win10) - Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera. Plus android device. But no change.
For me first it was looking like a script blocking event. But all the same with four browsers?
(My Edge and Opera have base configuration and no extensions, because I never use them.)

How about you?
Or any idea about the reason? Maybe EU-GDPR?


Yeah I noticed the same thing this morning.
There seem to be a few bugs active on Viki, maybe this is one of them.

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I was about to report that.
It’s been days since it’s been like that :confused:

I’m contacting Viki status via twitter about it and SEVERAL other bugs lately :sob:

I have noticed that almost every channel has the gray image as avatar for the managers making it confusing while visiting every viki channel :frowning:
Do you notice that the image is all in gray T,T


Any other issues lately?
Please post it here so that I direct your general issues to them :slight_smile:


It’s obvious they are making changes and in the process we see strange things happening. I didn’t mention this before, although I noticed it a while ago bc I know they are doing what I call ‘‘revamping’’ of Rviki site.

I forgot to mention they are even sending a survey link where you can input what changes you might suggest done here at the site.I personally would like to see the comment section gone bc lately all you see is complains about the subs not done on time over and over again.

Since 3-4 weeks…

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Thank you very much, ᗰᗩᖇƳƘ.

About the gray avatar issue: I have noticed that there are two groups of this.

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Oopsi, that one is supposed to be @kobolt CM project and on the main page you only see “unknown”, and if you click on it - it’s 404 …
But still on the channel team it’s normally listed.

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I’ve noticed that as well, can this be fixed? I did not mention anything thinking it may go away but maybe it just was my problem but now that everyone is mentioning it, can it get fixed? :open_mouth:

@angelflight – Good idea about NO comments-- but still some people do write valid comments about the production and not about speed of subbing. A better idea would be allow removal of the complaints bout speed and lack of subs


Yes, that would be nice. I still think that giving up on the comment section and leave it to disqus was a mistake.


Yes, I suggested that too in another comment but i think is a lot of work for one person. I remember a while back they had the --’‘waiting for moderation’’ to whatever comment we made that was, I’m guessing unacceptable to the site.

Why they stopped doing that? I wonder bc I felt it was a good feature back then Now, I suggested they remove it only because I feel that’s the only way some people will get the message that the comment section is not to be asking for subs in their language (the portuguese re getting out of hand here they even curse). Just for a while and adding a line like due to so many complains about speed subs the comment section has been removed.

We can later on star with a clean slate and I know we’ll have less complaints about subs speed. Another thing, the message should be posted in all language, so they don’t say ‘‘I didn’t know…’’ I see mainly Spanish, Portuguese, Italian complaints but just the same I feel SOMETHING has to be done.