[RESOLVED] 😲 "Oh no, we weren't able to submit the review. Please try again."

That’s the message that popped up when I tried to submit a review (for a C-drama) just a while ago.:sob: Is anyone else having “review submission” problem? Or am I the only one? Btw, the review I tried to submit was free of spoilers and vulgarity lol. I will try again later/tomorrow. :persevere: :woozy_face:



YAY! This “glitch” is resolved! I went back to write another review for this drama but it’s not needed now because I can see what I wrote yesterday. :smiley:

Check it out at https://www.viki.com/tv/38273c-because-of-love#reviews
In spite of it being shortened for whatever reasons, it is a C-drama GEM!
KUDOS to PD Liu! The story was very well laid out and told, and I was addicted to the melodrama of it all! Of course, KUDOS to CP Wallace Chung and Li Xiaoran! I highly recommend it! :heart_eyes: :clap:

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Happy to hear it. :grin: