Reviews not Updating

I’ve faced this problem before. I write a whole review and then try to edit it. The edit doesn’t save. I click the “Update” button, and it looks like it’s saved, but if I come back to the page, it’s back to the old one. I thought it was a one-off case, but it’s happening again! I spent so much time editing everything and now I’m back to square one.

Has this happened to anyone else?


Are you on the app or your desktop - I find that the way things save are different! I have to go to the app to fix collections with certain things - same for reviews!

I’m on my laptop… I don’t use the app anymore

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OK I would suggest using the app for your reviews and see what happens. It is frustrating. For collections I cannot update the header without going to the app. I just added to one of my reviews and it was fine - Did you log out and log back in

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I have had problems with editing things like that myself. As @kdrama2020ali said, I can only edit collection headings/descriptions from the app. It’s been a while since I edited a review, but I remember having issues with that as well. For some reason I feel like it was opposite - that I could edit it from the website on my laptop but not on the app, but I could be wrong, it could have been the other way around. I remember, too, being very frustrated that I wrote this long edit to a review, and it showed up at first, but when I went back in it had reverted back to the original.


My “Continue Watching” feature is still not working more than a month and the resp. threads are closed… I did logout/in several times… nada.

@my_happy_place @vivi_1485

What I do is I delete the old review I made, but before I do that; I copy and paste the stuff I want in my new review and make a new review with my edits or whatever. The only thing the likes from old review will delete too. I don’t know how much you care about that. Anyway, today I deleted all my reviews.

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I’ve only ever edited my reviews a couple times and I managed to get it to work when I did, I just know I had to tinker with it at the time. I’m not concerned about the likes/dislikes on my reviews. I pretty much only ever get one or two, if any, with the exception of only a couple that were on-air shows at the time I wrote them.

You don’t have to answer if I’m being too nosy, but I’m curious what may have prompted you to do this.



I don’t really know it was a spur of the moment thing. I do that from time to time. I mainly didn’t give good reviews this time so I rather delete them bc if I can’t say something nice I feel bad, and rather delete the review.

Also one of the review was based on watching the movie at another site.

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I’ll try this. Thank you!

Edit: I went to the page after I slept and woke up and my review had been updated. I guess it takes quite a while till it updates… and until then you can’t find it anywhere. So it’s scary, but I guess it happens eventually.

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I have reviewed Incurable Case of Love - TWICE!

and it is not appearing!! UGH makes me crazy

Is it there!?? Should I wait to see if it shows up??

Ok a few hours later now it is there!!! Anyone else still having this issue?

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I always have this issue. I just wait for a few hours and log back on.

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