SBS Roommate (Variety)

Please lets create an awareness so Viki will know we want to see it here or are at least interested. So we can comment and add our 2cents cos we all would love to share opinions on it and its more fun that way…


I really want to watch this show !

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There is a Fan Channel for this show… Maybe Viki is trying to get the license, i don’t know :frowning: But yeah it would be awesome if we could watch this show on Viki :smiley: !

Yeah we need it and then subtitled too cos Running man isnt getting any subs and we dont want that for this show…that defeats the purpose.

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kk thx :smile:

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Sadly, I don’t think we’re gonna get it cause another website like Viki has an exclusive on it meaning that they pretty much own that show and no other website can get it unless they illegally sub it. There is a chance that we can get it, but it won’t be licensed in Americas and not be available to QC’s worldwide. I honestly don’t like that website, so I usually watch it raw now when it gets released on Sunday, since I know Korean myself.

Yeah i know the website lmao i dont like it either but oh well wishful thinking i guess. :frowning:

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Who’s ready for a new Episode of this show ??? :smiley:
Gahhh !! I have to wait for eng subs :frowning: :S

They are so cute hehe xD Love is an open doorrrrrrrrrrr ! xD

when is the air date for Roommate?

Sunday ^^ !!

Where do you watch it raw?

Sometimes kshowgo or usually just any legal website I find.

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Sundays its pretty much out with subs by tuesday on dramafever

I’ve watched episode 6 of Roommate. I know that Bom and Min-woo were just playing as a couple but I wonder if Korean couples are supposed to be like that (couple ring, couple cellphone cases, same t-shirt …). They seems to have an innocence about life that is refreshing but also so childish.

I thought Koreans act childish, corny, cheesy only in dramas and they aren’t really like that in the real life.
I wonder if Korean guys really enjoy and expect girls to show child-like behaviors.

later edit: The only dateable man from Roommate seems to be  Shin Sung-woo cause he’s not  immature like the others; he has class and maturity. I like him, quite an handsome man.  The only think I don’t like is that he spend too much time in the kitchen :slight_smile: Even if he loves to cook and he’s the best at cooking from all his roommates , he should let the women do that, he only has to surprise them from time to time with a dish, not cooking all the time.  Him and Soo-hyun could be a lovely couple: she’s an elegant lady, he’s a classy man. 13 years gap age is not an impediment.

Just finished watching episode 9 of Roommate.

It had always been rude for a man to wear a hat indoors. These Korean celebrities have a different etiquette :slight_smile: Nearly all men from this show wore a hat indoors. They probably want to look “cool” on screen, but they are so ridicoulous wearing a hat in their “own house”, where they live. Even some of the girls (Nana, Ga-yeon, Boom) wear hat indoors.

what’s up with these people’s ears ? :smile: they look so awqward …

they copy each other :smile:

Lol Boom is the one who taught them its apparently good for blood circulation or something like that.