Scammers, spam, and the like


Always listen to your gut. :slight_smile:

Ah, did they make another account? Cause they shouldn’t be able to send you messages from the same account if you blocked them.

Btw, maybe this course is interesting to you:


This is the #1 priority in this discussion thread. Especially now that police officers are refusing to do their job, and crime and rape has skyrocket so much. I am so THANKFUL you mentioned this one since it didn’t crossed my mind.

No matter what country we are from, and how safe it may be,this one needs special attention. Evil man are posing as a cop, and stopping young girls alone in the highway. Most of the time they never find a body and the family has to live with that pain for the rest of their life. Your suggestion of calling (911/119 whatever number your country use to contact the police department) to check on this cop stopping them, can be the difference between life and death.

PS. Man are not exempt from this tactic. A real cop was given life in prison bc he stopped severals men and raped them. He was a married man with children of his own. His sick sexual fantasy destroyed the life of many of these men (some committed suicide from the shame). It wasn’t until his confession that some families found out why their happy, healthy son committed suicide. May they Rest in Peace.


… and I’m sure also that of his poor wife and children.


oh my goodness thats terrible!

thanks y’all yes the gut feeling always follow, and looks like the guy used the same address he did before!!


There was also a real cop in Russia or East Europe who invited women into his car to ‘bring them home’ and in the end he killed ~79-83 people (over many centuries). He’s also a married man and father and his family didn’t think that something like that could be real.

So he abused his real job for that and also was involved in the investigations of these crimes because it was a not so big city so he could of course distract his collegues from his traces. But some years ago with new DNA/forensic methods some younger people checked old cases and somehow were able to give proof that he was the murderer…


thats my message (to me) and yes maybe to others. good call!


hahahahahahaha this is a great one. Boredom can cloud the mind and we might pay the consequences later on. Glad you opened your eyes on time. I’m glad I did, too.


Well said. And those are of course the times they strike. When they know or just want you to think that you are vulnerable. That they are your only option. Whahaha!

Imagine living in a foreign country, coming across other foreigners wanting to be your “friends”, claiming “those natives all keep to themselves, you will never make friends here”. Yeah, right. Thanks, but no thanks. Anyone who claims he/she is my only option, is no option.

And when I think back of all the other toxic people that have crossed my path at some point … by now I am wise enough to know they’re far worse than loneliness. If you’re not good to me, then you’re out. Period. Whether there are other options or not. :martial_arts_uniform:



There’s a Spanish saying that goes; It’s better to be Alone than In bad company. This pandemic made me realized that there are certain individuals we don’t need in our life no matter how ‘‘alone’’ we may feel.

My blood pressure went down when I threw out my phone and kept these toxic ppl out of my life. They come around unannounced, and my blood pressure goes sky high again. A form of scammers that want to manipulate and make others miserable.

Can we get rid of them? Not completely but we can never give up trying either.


At least by now we’ve learned to recognize them sooner. :slight_smile:


Today got onto FB, did my ordinary things, put stuff on there, answered some people. and y’ know again I got 4 more “guys” asking to be my friend and military!! or so they say. .

why can’t someone find these people? I mean aren’t they stealing Military I D’s? seems like there should be a way to stop them. what was so funny, change in name but not picture, great give away there!

yes y’all wised me up and to watch out for this stuff like this. again thank you so much all of you for helping me with this.especially times like these, friends, loneliness, depression and the rest. wow a life saver is all I can say!!

lets see comsa da(?) cei cei, betaja, graci, gracis,danka, merci salamat

hope I got that right!! sorry everyone else but again thank you

one more thing I did change my picture twice


You must be very pretty!


I don’t think so, just an average person I will take the compliment though, thank you


This page collects recent methods of scammers to warn people.


Today I received an email from “Chase Bank” notifying me that my account has been temporarily suspended. When you open the email, it directs you to “log into your provider” link. Thankfully, I have three kids who are all computer savvy and my oldest studied cyber security so I asked him what to look out for. He told me to check the email address, check the bank logo, and the text font differences. He also told me to never click on the link provided but always log directly into the provider’s website. Too many scammers these days!:worried:


Sometimes you may not be able see the sender’s actual email address, until you hover over it. Then you will see the “fake” email address.

Also, most of scamming emails have some type of spelling or grammatical errors.

Some of the common suspicious emails/spams include, but are not limited to:

  • They claim you won a lot of money or prizes
  • They send you links to check certain status (like shipping status), when you didn’t order anything
  • They say your account is or will be disabled for one reason or another
  • When they ask you to confirm your login name and password or any other personal/private information for any reason
  • When you get an email from your friend’s email address, saying something like they are in a bind in a foreign country and they need you to send some money quickly
  • Any “urgent” or threatening phone calls (such as IRS calling you that there’s some typ e of tax issue or FBI calling you that I’ve committed some fraud and that I will be arrested if I don’t call back in 24 hours, etc.) They will mail you official letters if there really is any problem.

Like chotrio mentioned, if you are worried that these are legitimate email requests, then call the official phone number of the institution to confirm, not the number that’s in the email you just received.

I personally never click or open any link sent to me via text or FB messenger, or email even if it’s from my family and friends, if the link came without any personal message. I will only open it after I send a separate message to the sender to confirm that this is something they actually wanted me to take a look. I’d say about 50% of the time, it was something they sent and they were too lazy to tell me what it’s about, and the other 50% was spams that the senders had no clue about.


Yes, I always confirm this as well or I tell them that I won’t click links in forwarded messages. A friend on mine got her phone hacked this way and she had to get a new phone and a new number. Really annoying.


I still get messages from amazon about my socalled bill, mover 100.00! b ut its not so and I did discover, Amazon doesn’t do it that way. so if anyone gets stuff like this don’t respond, as for chase, I also got some like that a year ago, If you don’t have a credit card don’t respond, if we give out our info, esp bgank accounts, well I learned my lesson well last year.
I also am getting facebook guys trying to have me friend them, again I discovered those guys are spammers. so y’all do be careful out there! oh yes the other one is I won money contact such & such, dont be “suckered” into them!!


You are getting wiser, frustratedwriter-nim! :slight_smile:


This is pretty funny, of course, DON’T TRY IT AT HOME :wink: