Segmenters and Chinese-English subbers needed urgently

Hello Everyone!

I am in really urgent need of people to serve as segmenters and Chinese-English subbers for the drama “A Terracotta Warrior”. Viki finally got licencing for the drama and changed the videos, but in the process there was a lot of lost material (segments and subs).
So in you are interested in contributing to a really good drama please contact me Akatsuki (kitty2814) via PM or Lainey (laineypop).
We could really use the help and we would be very grateful to those who give us some of their time and talent.

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I’m the french moderator and I have send a message to the help center about this problem. I hope they sent me a response quickly. Maybe have they a file with the old subtitles.
Have you sent a messge to the help center ? Have you a response ?

I can do chinese to english subs!

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I have not sent a message to the Viki Help Center yet, I am waiting to see what the channel manager says and the other English Moderators as well. I myself am the Spanish Moderator for the channel. After a few of my translators let me know of the problem I sent to check for myself and afterwards sent a message to the English Mods (of which only one replied so far) and the manager (who still has not replied).
The next step is to talk to viki directly because this happened (according to Lainey) after the videos where changed. I am also hoping that maybe they have a version on f the older subs saved somewhere. This will save us a lot of time. The most important part right now though is to re-segment the new videos.
Let’s keep in contact between Moderators, that way we might be able to find a quick solution to the problem.


I will inform Lainey of your interest in helping with the translations. But please, I request you to please send her a message as well. It is really important that you contact her directly since she is the English Moderator.
Thank you very much for the response. We really need as much help as we can get with the channel now.
Lets keep in contact.


Ok, I’m agreed. Re-segment is the most important. And if I have a message from the help center I’ll send you a message immediatly.

I can help segmenting part-time.


Please send me a message with the times that you are normally online on viki and the time zone (country) that you are in. Also, please send a private message to Lainey (laineypop) letting her know that you can help in the segmenting part. She is the English Moderator, so she will be able to add you to the list. I will also give your name to the Channel Manager (biankalex) to let her know of your interest in helping segment the videos.
Thank you very much.
Hope to hear from you soon!


please can someone complete ep. 4? I’m an italian subber, our team need to complete the episode

Hello, I’m the french moderator, and we have the same problem. I have sent a message to the help center 18 days ago because I would understand why the sub are missing since the videos are been re-upload. But I never have an answer. If one day, I have an answer, I’ll say to the Italian team.

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thank you so much… ^.^

episode 4 is now at 94% in english !

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Wow! thank you eng subbers!!!

Yes, I’m glad, the French translation can restart !

italian too! finally!

please can someone complete epidode 7 and 8? ^.^