Can I still just get tested for my segmenting 101 badge if i think I’m good enough? Or do i still have to go through the trials?
What happened to viki. its totally different then 3 years ago!

I’m pretty sure the badge is for people who go through their ‘training’. If you’re good enough, then you’re good enough; you don’t need the badge.

What scircus says is totally true. You don’t need the seg 101 badge to segment. But if you want the badge you have to go through the trials. And, if you are good, then, you can graduate soon.

Okay thanks. I remember when viikii just begain we just got to segment whenever, so i just seen badges for segmenting and i thought you had to have one for the dramas you want.


There are many people who can segment well that have not taken the class. Unfortunately, there are also many people who THINK they can segment when actually they are not good at it. There are even people who have run up tens of thousands of segments but still are not very good at it. A lot of numbers doesn’t mean anything if there was no effort along the way to improve.

If I have a new on-air drama that I am managing and someone asks me if they can be a segmenter, and I don’t already know them, the first thing I do is look to see if they have had Seg101 trainig. If they have it then I can feel pretty confident in their abilities. If not, I ask for a video where I can check out their work or the reference of someone I know from previous experience. Another option would be to have them segment a few minutes on an available video so I can see their work.

If all looks good, great, Seg101 degree or not. If it doesn’t then I will suggest some things to work on and probably offer to help if they are interested. I recall one time when there was someone proudly aannouncing that they were a segmenter and available to help. I checked to see what he had worked on and there was one music video and the segments were horrible. I made an offer to that person to help them work on their segmenting and was told “that’s okay, I’m already a segmenter as well as a subber and editor on a channel”. I didn’t even bother to check out that channel.

Not knowing what you skill level is, you might want to check out Amy Pun’s discussion thread here where she reviews most aspects of segmenting, very much on the order of what Seg101 works to. She has spent a lot of time to explain many things and there is constructive input from others as well.

Here is the link to her discussion thread:

Thank You! Well I use to segment and sub but when i finally had time to come back to viki my account was deleted and I had to open from new. But we never had a class. Thank you for showing me this discussion! I will read it. I will also check maybe tishafi is still here in viki. :slight_smile: