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I’ll take a good book and a cup of hot cocoa and I’ll snuggle into an overstuffed chair in the reading corner. Or maybe a comic book, since the only kdrama related photo I can find with an overstuffed chair is in a comic book café.

This one’s an interesting set up, It’s clearly designed for reading and not socializing.


Looks like it’s set up for a lecture. The comfiest lecture I’ve ever attended. Wonder who the keynote speaker is?


I wouldn’t mind if it was Cha Eun Ho, talking about publishing or reading from one of his novels. I’d be mesmerized either way.



How you like it so far? I saw about 3 dramas filmed in that place, and basically same things happening (like guy’s attitude/her predicament) I was hoping for something different. Since 2012 same story plot…:broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:


So, just for fun I took some of the “What Member of [insert k pop group name here] are You?” quizzes.
Also for fun I took the “Who Is your [insert k pop group name here] boyfriend/girlfriend?” quizzes.

The results always surprised me. I never got the person I wanted/expected. For the member question the result was always a member who I did not think was like my personality. For the boyfriend/girlfriend question, I never was paired with the person who I liked the best in the group. Even after I searched and found separate quizzes on different sites covering the same group and took the quizzes again I still did not match up with who I expected/wanted. Actually, I think these quizzes might just do a random generator and your answers don’t matter. Has anyone here in the cafe taken these type of quizzes? What was your experience?

Soompi's Quizzes are Hilarious

There’s a whole discussion about these types of quizzes.


Just dropping by to say HI! Ill participate in the reading room cocoa & maybe some biscotti :coffee:U know watching pour over coffee being made by handsome guy is :kissing_heart:


Oh, @kdrama2020ali, I really wish you were around right now. I am watching Love is Phantom, and I am dying, but also the TCs are totally giving me life. What a great way to be spending my Saturday night. :skull::ghost:


So this morning I woke up when everyone was still sleeping and it was dark outside. Hmm, I just felt I must have a hot chocolate drink :yum:

My hot chocolate is not “Swiss Miss” which is not really from Switzerland, I only heat whole milk and add two heeps teaspoons of cocoa powder and whisk it while it’s heating.
For me no sugar no marshmallows, but you can add sugar if you like it and add other toppings and/or spices, cinnamon or chili pepper…

Other home versions not as heavy as with whole milk you could use 2/3 milk and 1/3 water or drink or skimmed milk a dash of salt and 2-3 teaspoons cocoa, heat in pan and whisk then transfer to a mug sized cup.

I use the BBF organic cacao from Walmart or the Rapunzel brand cocoa. Use unsweetened the “healthy” cacao/cocoa powder. Check the following:


I need some real coffee about now. I’m up early to get ready for church, and it’s going to be a stinkin hot and humid day again. Grr.


So I thought I’d drop in for . . . a mocha frappucino . . . yeah, that’s it . . . before beginning the day.

Segue Café seems jammed to the rafters as always, and the air conditioning feels SO good!


Do you like it? :laughing: U know I Did

I’ll Have A Panini, chips, Diet Dew & whoever the barista is today to come sit & chat on his break. Maybe DO will stop by with RENN & Junho :sunglasses::two_hearts:


Today’s barista is also in honor of his new drama dropping on Ntflx. It’s called ‘D.P.’ and it’s intense, but he’s looking good!
Jung Hae In


He’ll sit and have a chat…


I’m late, but enjoy!


Sounds refreshing!


I am so refreshed! Love JHI!:purple_heart:I might hv thrown my laptop at Something In The Rain but he is CUTE!!!


Thanks for the link to the Soompi Quizzes discussion, @sweetybirdtoo
@vivi_1485 That’s amazing that you always get the answer you are expecting with the quizzes.


JHI is definitely a cutie! I forgot to mention that his character’s name in D.P. is JunHo. :sunglasses:


Not sure why she uses so much self-hating verbiage to explain herself and her very good video.

If she truly thought she and her interests were useless, she wouldn’t even have a YouTube channel.


Self-depreciating remarks are funny to lots of people(I personally find it annoying because it’s pretentious most of the time). They’re also a way of telling people “I know the flaws I have, so you don’t need to remind me of them in the comments.” Since the person is making fun of her own self, others are less likely to do it.


I swear I can’t even stop watching :100: Days My Prince. Why is this so good? I love how arrogant he is and he doesn’t even know WHO he is! Classic!

Late night snack JHI could I hv some warm milk & cookies :cookie: Phew - Setting up Hottie Posse Luxury Penthouses is gonna kill me - more cookies!