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You said it!

Below is a fourway race to JFK from Times Square, New York.
Who will get there first?

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:herb:A Blessed Palm Sunday to All! :herb:

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Having a moment where I just feel happy and grateful for everyone that’s a part of Viki… I got my assignment for level 5 today (segmenting) and I once again got a reminder that we really help eachother in this community (and not only the viewer’s watching what ever we work on). I don’t think that I realized when I started watching movies and series that there are so many working on things. And not to step on any toes but those who are sensei’s have my biggest respect, not getting paid and still put extra time and energy on trying to teach some not in person but via messages. An old photo but I wanted a flower and it’s cold and we have snow. Sometimes I think we forget to be grateful for things we might take for granted.



@table122000, it seems to me that Kocowa dramas have always had primarily English subtitles. And Kocowa dramas are accessible only to people who pay the higher of the two subscription fees.

And I think that Viki is trying to keep its upper-level subscribers from migrating over to Netflix where the K-dramas they show are geared to audiences that seem to be multi-lingual and understand English very well, or they only understand English . . . and they are all willing to pay more than Viki charges for subscriptions, especially since the English subs on ALL of Netflix’s Asian dramas seem well-done (with a few mistakes here and there).

Viki is sort of like the mom-and-pop banchan shop in Netflix’s Crash Course in Romance. Viki is trying to CHEAPLY cater to people who routinely go to an elegant French restaurant for their meals (though I wouldn’t exactly call ALL of Netflix’s English subs elegant.

If Viki would just trust the community to do its job, and if the community’s advocates such as @brendas would truly advocate for clear, sensible, useful, and efficient changes as suggested by senior members of the community, then English “pre-subs” that are bad would get corrected quickly, and dramas that arrive for segging and subbing without pre-subs would get good subs quickly, and dramas that arrive with OL pre-subs would also get taken care of in a timely manner.

And then Viki would have “product” that could go the distance in a competition with Netflix.


I just went scrolling, and found these cute, funny, and relevant, considering the game goes on in 2023! Answer with song title! [game]


So here are some meandering thoughts about British royalty:

I have been discussing with a friend the assumption by a number of modern historians that Queen Charlotte, wife of Mad King George (the Third of England) had a large amount of African heritage.

Having recently joined the Viki party on Discord, I have been having a blast playing with BlueWillowAI, also resident on Discord.

I asked BWAI to create an image of an eighteenth-century ball gown done in the style of African-American painter Romare Bearden, and this is the result:

(created with BlueWillowAI)

When I made a complicated request for an image based on a British Museum portrait of Queen Charlotte with an Afro added, this was the result:

((created with BlueWillowAI)

Ladies who look vaguely Windsor-ish or maybe Margaret Thatcher-ish?

George Gordon, Lord Byron wrote a famous poem about a cousin of his that I have always liked: “She walks in beauty like the night/Of cloudless climes and starry skies,/And all that’s best of dark and light meet in her aspect and her eyes.”

Queen Charlotte lived from 1744 to 1818; Byron lived from 1788 to 1824. Undoubtedly Queen Charlotte’s image loomed large in British culture at the time. However, Queen Charlotte was considered very plain:

(The Royal website)

Byron’s cousin was considered a beauty:


I dunno. They seem to be different kinds of plain.

This young woman is not plain:



We need color to argue the thought of plainness. Maybe your BWAI can assist? :rofl:

No :heart: hearts left. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Again with the trust levels. :woman_shrugging:t5:
Even for regular’s.


Thanks for your response, @misswillowinlove. Perhaps you are correct and Viki is trying to keep/get more subscribers with this “English only” content. Funnily enough, I checked back to the drama and it is no longer “English only.” Spanish and Portuguese subs have been added, but there is no Team. Volunteers still can’t access the drama. It looks to be a drama that is being subbed by Viki paid subbers. So you could be right and this is a move toward being more like the competition. I still feel sad for Volunteers to not have access to the drama.


They should be happy that you like things instead of hating them… :wink:


happy Easter, and passover and whateverelse is celebrated these past few days



Happy Passover GIF - Happy Passover GIFs

Happy Easter GIF - Happy Easter GIFs

I hope I didn’t miss anyone


Think that is perfect as ramadan for muslims ends 21/4 and then they have their Eid.


I don’t think anyone in the @vikicommunity will admit it, but my belief at the moment is that in two or three years, Viki volunteers will no longer be the foundation of segging and subbing, and Viki will either be a memory entirely, or it will be a subsidiary run by paid staff that gets sold off in some kind of deal.

The volunteer model is not a clean, crisp, well-organized model for doing business in the cut-throat world of entertainment.

There is no obvious hierarchy. There is no clear accountability. There is nobody to take responsibility if something gets really screwed up and delayed.

There is no way for Viki and its parent company Rakuten to compel volunteers who do bad work to do better work, and there is certainly no reason why Viki and Rakuten should go out of their way to compensate seggers and subbers who are doing good work when those seggers and subbers are doing it for free.

Business men and women who want to make money with as little fuss as possible are not going to spend the rest of their corporate lives interfacing with a group of people they can’t control and that they don’t really care that much about.

And if anything like I’ve described happens, what can volunteers do? Nothing legally.


now we havent had any cake ,coffee or tea in awhile, yes I have shared it in two different links, but just gotta share this with y’all, its our cake for the day… great British bake off!


took 4 hrs to create& bake


It’s so bad that it’s good.

Let’s have a show of finger hearts for the incredibly cheesy, hysterically melodramatic, over-the-top yet somehow adorably compelling supernatural police procedural: Forbidden Love.

Truly, I don’t know how deal with it. Every time a chunk of good acting or dialog shows on-screen and I think, “Okay, this is getting good!” . . . then this happens:

(My graphic mashup)

“Yes, my warriors, I have called you together to admire my plastic gumiho chieftan bun and my smooth and creamy Velveeta makeup.”

That was in 2004. Since then, actress Yi Hwi Hyang has become an ever-young grand dame of the Korean entertainment world. Whew! Am I glad!


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I was just watching her in something (a recent drama). I had never seen her before, but she is so elegantly beautiful.

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it only took 4 hours? That’s quite amazing, if you ask me.


Sadly, I think you may be right, @misswillowinlove. The Viki Volunteer model as we know it will possibly be gone within the next few years. Let’s be real: the volunteer model has never been a viable business model. For all the reasons you stated and more. One issue I have noticed: As volunteers, there is often a lack of a support system or a backup plan. Someone gets sick, or other real-life issues happen and people have to drop out for various reasons, and the projects are in crisis as the Teams scramble to compensate with varying levels of success. For a Business, there are support mechanisms in place to handle such issues so that things continue to run smoothly. To be honest, I’m surprised that Volunteer model has lasted this long. I think that is a testament to both the volunteer community and Viki corporate. It saddens me deeply to think about Viki not having volunteers as the foundation, but I’m seeing volunteer opportunities shrinking little by little. Certainly the English language volunteers have seen opportunities become fewer. And now even Segmenting has been affected. The talented Volunteers are what make Viki so special; I hate to see that diminished. I still hope that somehow there will be a way to work together with Corporate.

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I loved her in “Beautiful Days.” It is nice to see that she is still working today.

I want to see a gumiho who looks like this!

(Created with Discord app BlueWillowAI)