Serch for dramas and such

Its been a few months that I asked for help about a drama, a girl fall into a big beautiful ice sculpture, I found it, LIE TO ME!! the korean one,

there was another one but will have to think about it. thanks for the help anyway.
oh I do have a question why do the Taiwanese(probably others too) people with their dramas show the girls as airheads? no sense whatsoever?? I love the dramas, but a 27-30 year old acting like a maybe a kid under 20? come on!!

If you watch “Mowgli boy” you’ll see the female main lead act as a girl of 4 for half of the drama. Cringe cringe! (And the male lead act as if retarded - quite a couple!)

thanks for that, I will “try” to watch it and see how it goes. the way they show these girls (and now guys?) is redicilous! are they thinking its funny or somthing. like here in America, they had a thing about dumb blondes, and thank goodness, dont see it as often! and (former blonde) almost like harrassment, or that sex thing, it is not funny in any way !