Seriously annoying Verizon Ad!

Is anyone else seriously annoyed with the new Verizon Ad? I can usually handle all the ads, but this new Verizon Ad is ridiculous! It keeps getting frozen, takes for ever to go off, and it’s extremely loud and obnoxious. I would just get the Viki Pass if they excepted PayPal. I figured I would suffer through the Ads until they started accepting PayPal. But this new Ad is driving me crazy!


yes it is annoying ‘just mouse over…blah blah blah’ well maybe i don’t want to mouse over, maybe just MAYBE i want to find the X and click you off or maybe i would like the ‘skip’ option so i can hurry up and get to the other 4 to 5 commercials that do have skip featured so I can get back to the show i’m watching. lmao -_-

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I agree!!
Before there were just 2 ads, but now!! There are 5!!!
I think it’s a little too much!

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its an adblocker. its free and works with all sites.but this one is for google chrome!

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Thank you soooo much! You just saved me from going postal.

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please get rid of the verizon advertisements on my videos . i’m watching love keeps going. Its really annoying!!Sorry and thank you.

read my post above. i know how you feel.