Should viki's paid subbers be overwriting volunteers

Which is why we have rules as segmenters and subtitlers. One of my CM’s said no more than 40 min parked in a part!! I try to sign out as soon as possible if I know I’m not going to be there for awhile.

On on-air shows, I think parking is rude because soooo many seggers want to seg. I’m slow so I prefer not to seg. We have some ways of dealing with what you said internally for segging and subbing.


Does that still happen a lot though? That one claims parts and not seg right away?

And I’m all for a snack box as the next QC gift, or extra gifts throughout the year. They don’t even have to send us an actual snackbox if they really don’t want too, would be nice though so you know they really do care. There are many Asian snackbox services with international shipping. They could pair up with one or more of them and give us coupons to order one with free shipping. Kind of like the Yesstyle coupon years ago.


@aziana01, I think that you may have hit on something very troubling for the @vikicommunity . If Viki is actually making enough for Rakuten Viki because (for the moment) Asian dramas are trending HOT (or if Rakuten Viki’s CEO is in some kind of professional pissing match with Netflix’s CEO) then they can afford in some way to use professional subbers and segmenters. I assume (based on what has gone on for some time) they are or will be poorly paid and incredibly browbeaten employees who are desperate for work in order to survive in Korea.

Korea is about the size of Indiana. Living expenses except in the most rural areas are astoundingly burdensome. People who are the primary support of a family for whatever reason will do anything for money because they have to. Every year, the education system dumps out eager job-seekers the way a mother guppy dumps out babies.

We all know this because we are all intelligent, literate, and experienced when it comes to understanding Korean culture WITHOUT being Koreaboos.

Pity the poor PAID subbers and segmenters because they are not being paid what they are worth either. A truly and fairly compensated subber/segmenter is worth 300,000 to 600,000 USD, or 383,834,380 ₩ to 767,668,760 ₩.

However, according to

“An entry level office clerk (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of ₩20,861,702 . On the other end, a senior level office clerk (8+ years of experience) earns an average salary of ₩33,115,148.”

Does Viki compensate its PAID subbing and segmenting employees in a manner that recognizes THEIR long hours and various struggles to do well and be adequately rewarded? What do you think?

My view is that, by using and treating PAID employees as badly as it treats Viki volunteers, Viki may be able to go head to head with Netflix, but it does run the risk of alienating and losing a lot of viewers and subscribers.

If people talk trash now on the timed comments, they are surely going to talk trash if underpaid and overworked paid employees cannot keep up with all the prep work of providing subs and pre-subs in English before they are translated into other languages for “niche viewing markets.”

If those employees DO somehow manage to keep up with the English-language work, then where will Viki find paid employees to do subs in all the other languages of Asian drama fans?

(Viki screen cap)

Devoted volunteer members of the @vikicommunity who have proven their worth over and over have every right to be annoyed that materialistic money sources are interfering with their work.

They have every reason to be unhappy that their loyalty and love are being disrespected.

But in the end, it’s important to remember that, however things fall out, Viki volunteers are the among the brightest and best at what they do. And volunteers DO have the freedom, as opposed to paid employees, to walk away from dysfunction.

If there is another streaming platform out there that is hungry for volunteers–and these days there has to be–we can go there and enjoy what we do.

I feel ya, @dlgustnrr. One of my favorite sayings is from Aesop’s Fables: “Slowly but surely wins the race.” I prefer to call how I operate careful, not slow. For good subs, what else is there?

I started out last year thinking that the best way to learn my way around subbing was to start with segmenting since my “other” language of Spanish is not textbook perfect (though I am getting tutoring now).

So I signed up for that then got into pre-subs and then The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog and then After School Club. When I was notified that I had reached the top of the segging wait list, I had just come out of the hospital after a horrible experience with COVID. It was all I could do to watch one episode of anything without crying and falling asleep in the middle of it. (Meds and fatigue and late night Viki watching don’t work well together). So I declined.

Now five months later, I feel remarkable. I can think straight and have energy to do subs, but I’ve realized that I don’t have the patience or fine motor skills to “think inside the box.”

It takes all kinds to make a world. I think it’s only natural that people who are very capable in both segging and subbing would end up taking lead roles in various projects. And I certainly could not work as “just a subber” without people who work as “just a segger.”

However, those who claim to care about volunteers would certainly get a much better product than they have now if they made it easier and more rewarding for ALL volunteers to provide that product.