Slice of life/family/lead child actor or actress?

Vik does not seem to have many slice of life drama that focus on family or kids as far as i can see only ones i have seen so far are Heaven’s Garden and Oh My Geum Bi
and also "thank you:: any besides these I am missing>

Well there is rarely the full focus on the kids, but some have the family vibe.
As I understand you, you are looking for younger kids, right?

It’s an episode of KBS special dramas, but I thought it was a nice one.

One of my favorite family dramas ever, has some slice of life and some thoughtful nuances.

This child actor really grew on me as the drama went on.

Not, what you might understand as a child drama, but there is a lot of looking back issues and analyzing about choices one made as a kid and how it affected the main leads. And since they had a major trauma in their childhood, somehow their souls seem still to be like the one of a child … (Or they are still stuck in their childhood in a way, as an adult they still need to grow.)

Story about a kind of “family reunion”, I had some trouble with the mom’s character, but not that alone …

Main focus not purely on the child actors since it’s a family drama with a lot of characters, but the children “teach” are more adult (sometimes/often) as their dad.

I loved this one when it aired because it was pretty different, it’s about a young pair of parents and their families. How to finish school, how to take care of your own life …

It may not seem so but is about the hardships of life

It has a lot of children here

The child actress was just too sweet not to mention her.

Not a K-drama, but you might want to try it, it’s pretty popular and the boy is just so sweet.

I have not seen these, but it seems like at least a child should be “the theme”:

Hope there is something in the mix for you.


I wholly recommend Five Children. It is exquisitely written and it doesn’t get boring at all.

Lee Sang Tae (Ahn Jae Wook) lives with his in-laws and has been raising his two children, Lee Soo (Kim Hyun Soo) and Lee Bin (Kwon Soo Jung), on his own ever since his wife passed away. He works as the marketing team leader for a fashion company.
Ahn Mi Jung (So Yoo Jin) also works for the company as an assistant manager. She is raising her three children — Woo Young (Jung Yoon Suk), Woo Ri (Kwak Ji Hye) and Woo Joo (Choi Yoo Ri) — alone for the past three years after her husband had an affair with her friend and left her. But Mi Jung has been telling her kids that their father is just working in the United States over the past three years.
As Sang Tae and Mi Jung deal with the daily demands of work, extended family and the needs of their children, life can get a little hectic.
When they begin to fall for each other, how hard will a relationship between the two single parents be to pull off?

My review:
Very good drama. Don’t worry about the length, you won’t even notice how the time passes and you’ll want more. It tackles some social prejudices in modern Korea, the prejudice against divorced women, especially with children, who are not considered a good match. In this case, the strange thing is that the prospective groom also has children of his own!
The two main actors are adorable, but the secondary characters will also win you over: especially the male lead’s dad. Loving, discreet and super-wise, he is the best dad in dramaland, and when some commenter said that her dad was just like that, we all felt a bit jealous.
The loan-shark newly rich couple will get you in stitches and the antics of the so-called golf couple will make you smile too: although the two actors are mediocre, this show is so well-written that everybody thought they were very good!
As all Korean family dramas, it does have some parts which will be very irksome and incomprehensible for Western viewers. How ingrained some prejudices are, how accepted even by the victims. How the Confucian worldview expects children, even fully grown ones in their '40s, to obey parents even when the parents are obviously being foolish and petty. And of course physical abuse from parents to children will make you cringe, especially when the parent is portrayed as a very good parent. (This is what I also disliked in “Father is Strange”) These weekend dramas are for a family audience, so they must cater to elderly people with very conservative ideas But this is not a big part of the drama. All the rest you will thoroughly enjoy. By the way, it’s far superior to Father is Strange.

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Thank you for all the lovely suggestions I have 2 issues 1. i can not access most of them do to region block im in Canada ( makes me wonder why plus pass even exist here) and 2 if you would be so kind as to which description covers which drama that be great i think im getting confused bt the layout? also if you could help me by requesting some of these for my region?

You mean my short descriptions or few words? If so, I wrote all of them first before placing the link(s) of the drama(s).

The Suspicious Housekeeper sounds like the Japanese drama I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper. I haven’t watched the Korean version, but the Japanese version is really interesting and family-focused. I’m usually not into Japanese dramas, but this one is one of my favorites. It stuck with me for a long time after I finished it. The children’s acting is gold :slight_smile:

It’s here
I have not watched one of them, I heard that the Japanese version is better … The score at Viki doesn’t confirm it though.

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