Snack fever ? Really ? Give it to seggers and subbers!

They did? Now I’m bummed I missed it. I got sick with a cold and ended up not going to Dramaworld. Bummer. :frowning: Some cosmetics would have been nice.


There is the H Mart (stores in various states), you can order online. I did once some food including red beans buns, hmm… and facial masks :relieved: Now I see there is one in Mass. I guess I need to make a trip soon for that Soju :yum:

@simi11 My bottle Chamisul Orignal contains 20,1% they also have a fresh version of 19,6% I believe.

@leejunggi Really I already felt the alcohol after only one of those really tiny glasses of Makgeolli during the Korean lunch. But yes it tastes better then soju I think. So I was like no more alcohol for me :joy:

But yeah snacks… now I miss my Sweet Potato crisps… So far I only had them at a convention and found one store that sells them in Amsterdam but that’s not really around the corner.


@leejunggi I think there was a misunderstanding due to my word choice :joy: By dietary ristrictions I meant allergies or people who eat only halal/kosher/vegetarian/vegan for religious or personal reasons.

@sophie2you Omg the closest TonyMoly to where I live is an hour and a half away and it’s always impossible to find parking! But I guess that would still be closer than going to the dramaworld event anyways :joy:

I’m not a huge fan of makeup but I can talk about skin care products and the importance of finding the right skin care routine all day xD

@simi11 Jaejoong is flawless! I’m total Junsu trash though. You should share your cosmetics recipes with me sometime :heart_eyes:

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Amazon has a huge selection of Asian food, or I like to use this site too: :blush: