So... should I send a message or not

I mean first I was told to send a message and then it says do not send a message :sweat_smile:

Not to mention this message came a month late :laughing:

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Hi Dudie,
it says - to send a message to the Channel Manager - if you want to contribute at that channel.

vikicommunity is a “one way communicator”.

Maybe you were reading too fast? :wink:

It means if you want to be something else than a Channel Manager. Moderator, editor, subber, segmenter, whatever.

Dudie, I think I understand you. Even if you wanted to be a moderator, rather than a CM, you couldn’t contact the CM, because CM says not to send them any emails.

To top it all of, the CM is the same machine that told you to contact the CM :laughing:


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Hi bozoli!
What do you mean? The CM of the mentioned channel is called “yumik”, not vikicommunity.

Or is it this sentence? To get involved, please send a message to the Channel Manager, vikicommunity.
There are commas, so the main sentence says -Please send a message to the Channnel Manager. Not that the Channel Manager’s name is vikicommunity.

Yes that is what I mean. The PM from Viki tells me to contact vikicommunity because that is the CM. But the CM cannot be contacted as it states: “Please do not send PMs to this account, as they will not be responded to.” as it’s an " administrative account of the Viki Community Team"

Yes I know I can PM one of them (or the whole team) but that’s not really what I wanted to point out and I assume the team members all have certain channels to look after so what if the person you PM isn’t in charge of channel A but for channel B?

And did Viki see this topic and suddenly did appoint a normal CM? Yumik wasn’t the CM when I made this topic.



You are too good for viki, and I say this because you keep your cool with all the ridiculousness you go through in here. I gave up on applying for channel bc the control over dramas of the same group of people, is beginning again.

They change their name but is the same person getting a few dramas at a time.

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