Societal issues dramas / movies

Heavy, not an easy watch and will leave you thinking: Pandora, a Kmovie from 2016.

A nuclear explosion in SK and what occurs later. A metaphor with opening the Pandora box.
Genre: tragedy

A full review here (credits to the author):

How many nuclear power plants in your country?
Got 19 on this map, it’s a lot.

I used to think they were all dismissed in the 1980’s, but apparently we still have one.

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Still 6 officially running, those should be taken off 2021 3 and 2022 the other 3, well and it takes time until finally they are really turned off.

Germany decided the withdrawal from the nuclear energy after Fukushima/Japan happened, other than this nuclear weapons are still stationed in our country (for our safety - I know, I experienced the last years of the so-called Cold War).

Another movie is When the Wind Blows it looks cute at first because it’s animated but it’s cruel, you can get a little glimpse of it watching the music video of David Bowie with the same title. But I think it’s about nuclear war, as well as The Day After, which I never mastered to watch.

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