[Solved] Anyone having problems watching shows at the moment?

I assume they are tinkering with the layout of the website? Continue Watching and Watch-list rows are gone. And if i try to watch something i am sent to the “Oh no! Something went wrong” page.


Yes, I am having all the same issues.

Yes and it’s driving me crazy but don’t see anything on Viki. Status on twitter about it!!!

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Yah, didn’t see a status on Twitter either.

Yes and it would be nice if someone would notify us that they are having issues and how long to expect it to be down. This happened about 2 to 3 weeks ago and it was down awhile. Communication is key!

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They need to credit back our money for not loading up

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I’m having issues too. I just submitted a ticket, so hopefully someone gets to it soon…

Yes, I live in Ecuador and I’m having the same issues. I can’t see the my continue watching list and I can continue watching the series I was watching.

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Yes, I’m in Boston, Massachusetts and having same issues. Continue watching is gone and my saved shows, too.

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Yes not able to get into shows that I was following - all others able to see - please keep me updated is show return or what’s going on - I did checked website for Roku all is fine . think all wil be computer & smartphone future watching - thanks 8/30/2020

Yes me too arrggahh. By any chance do you have any information how long will this take? Need my Viki

No info on their status page so no one knows atm.

Well 6:30pm USA watching time Doctor Prisoner show return - not all other following shows returned - back to my Drama Dr Na Yi-Je is my man (love all N Min dramas & movies ) & it has outstanding cast support too , thanks for notice posted to all 8/30/2020

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I thought it was last week this same thing happened here, and it was that they were doing some changes, and one of those changes was that some dramas became Vikipass plus, and the episodes were no longer available to watch under the standard pass.

Hopefully, is not that, and is just another improvement made for the pleasure of all viewers. I am myself having so much access restrictions in the dramas that I hardly have a lot of choice of dramas to watch at this site.

Last week there was no status info in the tweeter page either.

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Since I have Vikipass Plus, I don’t think that is the case. Still, looks like somethings have been fixed now. Hopefully all will be back in order in a few more minutes.

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They posted this on a drama I was watching as they got an error code, and could no longer see the drama.
Some viewers were no longer able to watch the rest of the drama they were watching before. It’s only fair with the high cost of living and the high cost of licensing a drama we need more paying subscribers/viewers. After all Rviki site is one of the best in a long time and has been my fave for 7 years now. They need to be more understanding in that sense. I hope they can afford it but if not the site still has other good stuff available for viewers to watch.

Yes I’m having trouble as well.

The Viki service was interrupted earlier today, and we have since recovered fully. All features and services are now back up and running well. Thank you for bearing with us!

If you experience similar issues in the future, we recommend referring to our Twitter page @VikiStatus for a status check and/or immediate updates. (You can also access this page without owning a Twitter account.)