[Solved] Conversion from QC Trainee to QC


Does anyone know how a QC Trainee becomes a regular QC after reaching 3000 subtitles? Is it an automatic process or do I need to apply somewhere? It’s been a few days since I passed 3000 subtitles, and Helpdesk is not responding back. I have already logged out and logged back in a couple times.



I’ve received a real email when I became a Gold QC.
You should get one, too. But only Viki (Help) can help you there.
But sometimes the counting system works a bit strangely, with me it was sometimes 50 subs ahead or behind.
Good luck.


I guess Viki has a new bug, there is another subtitler that is not a QC despite having 3,000+ contributions.

I’ve even seen a recent QC without Viki Pass.

Maybe the Help Center needs to do something about it.


I really hope they won’t change the rules regarding the number of subs

I mean 1000- trainee
3 k qc
20 k gold qc


It says automatically changed.
Maybe you need to try our favorite steps in here, deleting cookies and cache log out and back in again. Don’t know if it can help, I don’t know if the system “runs” over the weekend.


Thank you all. I have over 3200 lines, and I’ve done all that but it’s still not changed. I guess I have to wait for the Helpdesk to respond back.


I still think there could be a difference in time, when it says automatically, but it doesn’t state immediately.

Edit: I just went to your profile and there it is - QC!


Yes! It looks like I just had to be a little more patient! Thanks. :smiley: